Chapter 2:Strategic Decision Making{Comments Off on Chapter 2:Strategic Decision Making}

by Jorge R
Everyone has their own vision of how the future is going to be. Flying cars, mile high buildings, and every kind of technology readily available. What about the near future? Think about charging your cell phone getting charged with out having to plug it in. It would make things a lot more convenient and it would eliminate the amount of times one forgets to plug in their phone to charge. This technology could be common within the next five years. Researchers from WiTricity are trying to send amounts of power over large distances. At the moment, they are only able to send small amounts of power over large distances, and large amounts of power over small distances.
If this technology were perfected, we would do away with many power chords. This would also eliminate the waste of disposable batteries. These batteries are very wasteful and the earth could do a lot better with out them. This technology could really affect the way a business works. This could make the electric car a lot more desirable if its manufacturers decided to invest in this type of technology. One of the reasons why electric cars are not as popular is because one has to plug it in. If there was a power mat underneath it when it was parked in the garage, it would eliminate that problem and may make the car more appealing. Companies that manufacture disposable batteries would also have to change the way it operates because this technology could wipe the company out. If they invested in it now, they could be the ones that first make it available to the public. The company would have to reengineer the way it functions, but it would put itself at the forefront of this up and coming technology.

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