Clinical Algorithms Can Be Automatically Generated

by Chris S
My article is about clinical algorithms using SDA (state decision action) model. Basically the article describes a database of information that will be beneficial to the medical staff. The algorithms that will be “automatically” created will be based on patient’s past health care records and tying it into the correct terminology when examined. This will also show the information necessary that can be used as a graphical representation of health care procedures to be executed in health care organizations. The article also added that this methodology can be used as a tool to study how procedures related to the standards in the industry.

This is another example of what appears to be a type of data mining in an industry. By being able to have the records and proposed information generated by a machine, industries can be more cost efficient when it comes to labor costs. There is room for error as stated in the article that an average of 94.6% of the results represent a treatment option found within the database. Still, that is more accurate and less time consuming than having to research symptoms and causes before a diagnosis can be made.

In relating to this class, it can go along the lines of managing information efficiently by using machines and is a form of data mining. I think if this process is implemented in the industry it will be much more beneficial time wise as things can be done more quickly. I also think that if systems like this are around then people with database experience will be more valued and can offer more job opportunities.


Bohada, John, David Riano, and Joan Lopez-Vallverdu. “Automatic Generation of Clinical Algorithms Within the State-decision-action Model.” Expert Systems with Applications, 39.12 (2012): 10709-10721.

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  • May 31, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    I think that algorithms of this nature will help many businesses especially those in the health industry since like the author pointed out, a report will be generated taking information of past records from the database and show treatment options for patients. Having information fast and accurate in a business is very important since time is money. I also can relate this algorithms to real-time data such as the stock market where you need to analyze history of the market to determine when to buy and when to sell a stock. This technology will be seen more often in the near future.

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