HP Aquired New Database Company{Comments Off on HP Aquired New Database Company}

by Peter C

Hewlett-Packard was planning to buy Stratavia in order to make its company stronger. Stratavia is a company that focused on developing application deployment automation solution for support, coding, configuration management, patching and back –ups. With this company combining with Hp, the business portfolio will make the company portfolio better. It will become a one stop shop for infrastructure and application development.


I believe that HP needs to obtain this company because it will improve their application and their product line. With Stratavia, it will improve their databases and packages applications and other stuff. It will make the company stronger and will be able to compete with other companies.

Without Stratavia, I don’t believe that HP will be able to survive any longer in this world. They will go bankrupt such as Comcast. Since they are already down with their HP touchpad, they need something to keep the business running.


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