Prototype and Waterfall Methods for Database Applications{Comments Off on Prototype and Waterfall Methods for Database Applications}

by Chris S
In this article, the concepts and differences between waterfall models and prototype models and explained. The waterfall (SDLC) method is linear and is regarded as being well structured and organized. The process is basically understanding the requirements, followed by design, implementation, integration, testing the product and finally maintenance. The prototype method involves raw models of the final product right from the start. These models and improved through user feedback until the final product that meets user requirements is completed. Some experts say the prototype method is well suited for example, for online applications where the users are not entirely sure on what they need exactly for their product. Now the waterfall method would be more suited for conventional software projects. If all the user requirements were specified from the beginning, then the waterfall method would be ideal.

I believe this article relates to the idea of data modeling in some ways from the current lecture and more particularly from the first week. Taking a look at these two ideas about modeling applications for a databases, we could imagine some pros and cons about using them. One example would be cost. It could be fairly expensive if we spent a significant amount of time developing an application using the waterfall method only to find out it doesn’t work properly. Prototyping on the other hand, allows for constant changes to be made along the way of development.

After thinking about that idea, it might be more efficient if I were to go with the prototyping method for something like that. The whole idea behind waterfall vs prototyping reminds me of the tortoise and the hare story, where prototyping would be considered the hare and the waterfall technique would be the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. In some cases this would be true, however in this case, since the idea of creating an application is for existing databases, I would go with prototyping.

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