T-mobile beats Version, At&t and Sprint{Comments Off on T-mobile beats Version, At&t and Sprint}

by M W
T-mobile beats Version, At&t and Sprint in Customer is an article about t-mobile beating all it’s competitors in customer service. The U.S. Wireless Customer Care Performance Study surveyed 9690 wireless customer which turned out to state that T-mobile came on top with a ranking of 777 out of a 1000 points, which beats out the industry average at 753. Coming in second with 757 was At&t and Version just right underneath that. Sprint came in last with a score of 734. The survey also found out those customers who were helped with store personnel ranked their carriers higher. But also J.D. Power officials said. “The biggest use of customer service operations is to resolve service or equipment problems, followed by billing queries and questions about incorrect charges. Pricing issues call quality and problems with messaging and network coverage are at the bottom of the list, the marketing services firm said.”

The section that I pick in section 2.1 is the ESI systems which are a digital dashboard that allows executives to get information more available and decision making. The ESI system measure over 300 measures of business which are categorized into 2 categories which are Marketing pulse, daily sales numbers, marketing share and subscriber, and Customer Service, measures customer satisfaction and also call center wait times and on-time repair calls. Every organization now has a ESI system which in the article the survey was based on customer service. Customer service is a huge part of the marketing mix. Customer input can allow the organization to make marketing decision and to see if adverting is doing its job or just how the organization is helping their customers.

I actually really enjoyed reading this article because I have first hand experience. I currently work at the Buckle and our mission statement “to create the most shopping experience for the guest” which is all based on customer service. If you have great customer service especially in Buckle because it’s a commission based job, the customer will come back to you and that’s how you make money. Customer service makes us know how to sell to the customers and what to sell to them.