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by Connie J
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Tea drinkers love to have a particular temperature for their tea, and what easier way to achieve perfection than to dial the exact temperature you enjoy. There is a new and improved invention called Chef’s Choice SmartKettle Model 688. In the past if you wanted a nice hot cup of tea it was difficult to gauge the precise time to boil water without burning or scorching yourself.
The art of making a nice cup of tea has been made simple. You simply set the temperature on the unit’s front panel to say 185 degrees F with a maximum of 1.5 quarts of water and wait about five minutes. This kettle also takes up very little kitchen space as opposed to the traditional tea kettles and is very attractive.
The Business Process Management (BPM) has helped the organization known as Chef’s Choice by updating the process of heating water for tea more effectively. The tools to measure performance are the fill bar behind the handle, which lets you know how much water remains in the resevoir. Also if the kettle does not reach its temperature in 20 minutes the kettle will shut off. In the event the kettle is lifted from it’s stand then the heating element will turn off. The precision of this tea kettle counts if you really like your tea served at a certain temperature and offers safety as well.

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