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The Magic Band

RFID @ Disney

In the article “Now Disney Can Track Your Every Move with NSA-Style Wristbands” by Eliana Dockterman, she states the implementation of waterproof “Magic Bands” that Disney has adopted for experimentation at select theme parks. The bands act as your personal park entry ticket, fast pass, and hotel key card. The Magic bands use the technology of Radio Frequency Identification and if agreed by the wearer, can use personal information to track your movements within the park. Presently, the Walt Disney Corporation has only rolled out the project to Disney World Hotel Guests, and is behind schedule on its september 2013 release.
What is RIFD?

Radio Frequency identification is a unique item that uses radio waves to communicate with a transponder and hold digital information on a microchip. RFID is a technology that has been commonly used and implemented for many years in airplanes, vehicles, toll roads, libraries and such. RFID devices come in many forms but most commonly used to day as tags of labels.

How RFID work?

A transponder – a microchip with a antenna and, Reader – a devices that have multiple antennas, Read the data off the microchip using radio waves. The data is then processed into a computer that stores or uses the data for a specific purpose.

Types of RFID Systems?
There are two categories of RFID systems, Passive and Active. Passive RFID typically do not have a transmitter but reflect back radio waves from the reader antenna. An Active Tag is a powered device with a built in transmitter which is usually larger and more expensive to produce.

Uses of RFID
The use of RFID can be seen in animal detection, library book tracking, commercial pallet and container tracking, electronic toll booths, smart cards(such as electronic cash) and asset tracking (Violino,2005).
This topic is relevant to the implementation phase of system design. As a system analysis we will apply methodology to form an overall picture. System analysis is used in every IT Field where there is work in developing something.

SDLC Process

Planning – creating a better park digital experience
Analysis – seamless accessibility for guests
Development – system will operate using the bands and internet technologies
Implementation – testing to resort guests at certain kiosks.

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