QuickBooks and Business Correlation

By William B.

QuickBooks has been one of the most used accounting software when it comes to running a small business. The software manages a company’s payroll, inventory and all the other things that goes into running a small business to middle size business. What is also very beneficial from QuickBooks is the fact that it also helps with marketing and other services, so this piece of software has many different functions imbedded within. In a business aspect, the user can see that QuickBooks can improve the business productivity and efficiency. This software can potentially look at someone’s life as a business and organize it by making their day to day routines more efficient and well-rounded. By evaluating QuickBooks, one can see that this product can benefit the user and has more room to improve.

To know more about QuickBooks, one must know what it is. QuickBooks is an accounting software that helps small to medium sized businesses on a cloud based system (Rashid). It also has the potential to do some other business like application such as managing a company’s payroll and communicating with a banks server and depositing money directly into a company’s bank account. According to several people who reviewed QuickBooks, they all came to the conclusion that QuickBooks is a very easy and convenient way to keep track of all the company’s data entry. Upon closer inspection of QuickBooks one can notice that it is basically a data base. That is why it is so easy to retrieve all the information that is stored within the application. I personally have used QuickBooks in my business and I have noticed that the application makes the business run very smoothly when customers place orders because all a person needs to do is print out an invoice which the application provides. Essentially what QuickBooks does is a way for accountants work more efficiently and be more organized.

Intuit QuickBooks really does make a company run more smoothly. Several instances when working with the app, it has made my business run efficiently. Many times, when communicating with the accountant, he has asked me for forms that QuickBooks can easily generate. According to BusinessWire, the author of Intuit double down on accountants, they say that nearly all accountants are using QuickBooks in order to accomplish their goals (BusinessWire). Another application that QuickBooks provides is the training feature. By initiating a training feature, QuickBooks is essentially establishing good business practices to the user. Also, it helps with the marketing of a business by sending email blast to potential new customers. By sending the email blast to the different customers, the business is growing its income, which means that QuickBooks helps increase revenue.

There are several Benefits that come out of using Intuits QuickBooks. When a user is lost, and does not know how to handle a certain situation within the application, they have a support system that is willing to help the user. They have several support technicians that are willing to help the user with anything whether it be troubleshooting the application or questions about the accounting aspect of the application. User friendliness is also a benefit that comes from using QuickBooks because if it was not user friendly, many people would be confused on how to use the application. Another benefit that arrives from QuickBooks would be finance management. By allowing a business to set due dates, which is a feature in this application, the business can essentially pay their bills on time and print out their checks through QuickBooks causing a business to be more reliable and accountable.

Like every system, however, there are several limitations that arrive with any products. One of the limitations that Quickbooks needs to work on is the fact that the application has a limitation on data and file size. I am limited to the size of data that is stored within the system. As a business grows so does all the data that needs to be stored. Also, the price of the software is not cheap either so to keep the system, the user needs to spend a lot of money to keep it around. Some data can also be repeated within the system, which is inefficient in the long run, but a way around this problem is that QuickBooks lets you select a previous stored file to cut down on repeated information.

Evaluating QuickBooks lets a user see that this product can be very beneficial and has more room to improve. QuickBooks has several quirks while a company is already matured, but while a business is barely starting out, it is the logical option to have to make the company more profitable, which is essentially the goal of a company. I recommend businesses to have QuickBooks because of the efficiency that it provides and the easily retrievable data that is stored within the servers of Intuit QuickBooks.

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