Square Space, Changing Small Business{15}

In today’s society, hundreds of start up companies, small business and entrepreneurs are born every day. They have a great idea and want to share it with the world, make some money and live the “American Dream.”  But as you start a company there are many factors to think about.  The top 4 things that can make or break a startup are marketing, sales, quality products or services and a trustworthy team.  Following that is a system and a set of policies that must be created to make your business stay successful. According to SBA approximately 742,000 small businesses opened alone in the United States in 2010.


Today, I wanted to talk to you about a small startup company who has made it and changed the game by focusing on a simple solution for small businesses. The companies name is Square and there vision was to figure out a way to help small businesses and entrepreneurs be able to take credit card payments at an affordable flat fee rate either at there main office or on the go using your mobile device. Founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey (yes the man who invented twitter) and Jim McKelvey they launched their first app and service in 2010. The key in their business solution is being mobile friendly and using something you already own. According to PC Magazine, “(Square) plugs into a variety of mobile devices and uses a simple, attractive interface to allow you to accept credit card payments.” Tis handy device is changing the game. During a Study of Consumer Payment Preferences, “we find that credit card revolvers are significantly more likely to use debit and less likely to … use check or cash.” (Sprenger)  That means less people in today’s society carry cash and prefer to pay with plastic for everyday items. This may be because using plastic allows you to carry as much spending credit as possible in a convent way.  Because of this small businesses need to be able to accept credit card payments or they can loose on the opportunity of potential buyers of their product or service.


Every Year I attend the LA county Fair and I personally have seen growth in many booth and small business owners using and advertising now accepting credit cards instead of there big “cash only” signs. Looking further I noticed they were accepting credit cards using square. Knowing one of the vendors at the fair who recently switch to square, in an interview,  I asked her if there was any difference in  using it vs. the traditional credit card machine. She said “Absolutely!” there are no hidden fees and no outrageous charges for roaming or not being in the area of service for her old bulky credit card machines. She also told me in her line of work taking credit card slips and trying to process later was always a hassle and very unreliable. Now she can know instantaneously if the card will be approved. She also likes the fact that receipts are emailed or texted to her customers phone helping her save on costs and go green. But what she liked most was the next day deposit of the money right into to her bank account.(Williams)


Today this small start up company has grown into a leader and trend setter of mobile credit card services. Square, which has raised $341 million in venture capital funding, according to CrunchBase, is now worth an estimated $3.25 billion. They started the trend in making mobile payment readers.  Currently Lipman, VeriFone, Hypercom, Intuit, Google wallet, OpenCuro Inc., PayNearMe, Dwolla, mPowa, ClientBiller.com, Storific, PayPal, SumUp, and Jusp are just a few companies now in the market trying to compete. (Crunch).


According to Pc Magazine, the way square works is it takes a small fee for every transaction. “If you swipe a credit card, the fee is 2.75 percent of the total transaction. If you key in the number manually, the fee is 3.5 percent. The fee hike is because keyed-in cards are inherently less secure, since you’re not swiping an actual card. You’ll see 97.25 cents of every dollar.” As other services have entered the market like PayPal, which charges 1.9-2.9 percent plus 30 cents, for small purchases  is the way to go since it’s a far better deal since there’s no fixed fee.


As square has evolved over the years it now allows merchants through the use of there website the ability to track their sales history, easily issue refunds, or download the transaction information to a  CSV file that can be imported into Excel, QuickBooks and other software they use in there business. You can easily link your bank account to your Square account, and Square will automatically deposit your earnings every 24 hours up to a certain limit. They also now offer a complete point of sale service system included in there free app that easily can be connected to a cash drawer and printer or scanner for easy store check out. They have also started the square Ecommerce mobile site which allows you to sell your items on there site sort of like Etsy and takes the same credit card transaction fee as if you were sliding  a credit card. It also allows you to find mobile business such as food trucks and retailers who sell at farmers markets and fairs.

Overall, I think square which had a simple vision of helping small businesses accept credit, has changed and evolved into a small business community which has changed the way small businesses and entrepreneurs do business today and in the future. Square also has plans of possibly going public soon in mid 2014.



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