Chapter 11 Systems Development and Project Management

by Katie M
The article, “Make Customer Service Local and Strong” posted on talks about the economy forcing businesses to resort to outsourcing in an effort to cut costs. The article makes some clear and precise points. The main point is that customer service is an essential part in any business and if its not addressed as a high priority then the business is doomed. The article pointed out Circuit City as one company that struggled with this. Circuit City let there top managers go and hired less qualified individuals. These switches lead to Circuit city’s demise. The Article then talks about keeping jobs local and how keeping jobs here in America will boost our economy. The author of the article then describes how his personal business has relied a lot more heavily on E-mail. By using e-mail he can respond to common problems quicker and more efficiently then phone calls. The author is trying to make an argument that outsourcing can be avoided and by keeping jobs in America better service can be provided.

This idea of switching to outsourcing to save costs is not new. Outsourcing has been a major debate topic for many years. In chapter 11 of our textbook it talks about outsourcings pros and cons. The pros are that it helps information technology by keeping up with the latest marketing and technologies and allowing the company to save on costs and human resources. The cons are that it takes away jobs and actually may lower the quality of customer service.