New Virus in Town

by Peter C

According to the article from LA Times, the researchers have discovered a malware virus that has invaded 61 countries (Bowden). Viruses have always been a problem for the world because our technology is always getting more hi-tech. The virus that we speak of is a computer virus that can steal data from any computer in the internet world. It has already stolen some data from different countries but mainly from those that were once part of the Soviet Union. The name for this virus is called the Lurid Downloader because it jumps from domain to domain in order to avoid detection. Although we would like our computer to be free of viruses; however, viruses in the technology world cannot be avoid.


All computers have a chance of catching a virus whether they like it or not. Due to the mass viruses that we have occurred, there are different ways to prevent it from happening. For example, we can protect our computers from viruses as long as we install a virus protection software. The software will prevent the computers from catching any viruses. It will detect and destroy any viruses that try to penetrate that computer. Without this software, the virus will stay there and keep destroying any data or files that is on that device. However, we are still not free of viruses even with this software.

As for computers, we have not found a way to stop viruses completely. There will be new viruses in the near future such as Trojans, and malware, but we will be ready for them. As for the author statement, I believe that the government is working very hard on stopping this virus from getting worst.


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