Machine Learning in Engineering

Hawkins T.

When discussing machine learning in the engineering industry, people have a few misconceptions of the benefits or uses of machine learning or AI in this field. A lot of science fiction imagery is introduced by today’s movies, media, and expansion of technology. This area however, isn’t only concerned with self sufficient robots as we had thought. A lot of machine learning in this industry is concerned with efficiency in the decision making process, and making well informed decisions with the help of machine learning to make these decisions. The application of these machine learning systems can be beneficial, as they can allow you to input lots of data into the system, that could not only help in decision making, but also solution implementation. This can be done, when machine intelligence units are able to learn from the data they are given, and evaluate it through a series of algorithms that could eventually produce a model or framework that an engineer can use as a supplement to his knowledge, to make the most informed decision. read more...

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Ask Siri for the Answer

by Joey L
Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant on the iPhone 4S, applies voice recogition to the next level.   With a strong emphasis of artificial intelligence driven into the system, Siri is able to analyze and decipher the meaning behind what questioners are asking.   Siri is such remarkable software because it makes some of the complex technologies seen in sci-fi movies into a reality for consumers to use.  When you ask Siri a question, it will send your question to the cloud where a powerful AI algorithm can analyze and interpret your request.  Once it figures what you want, it will send the answer back to your phone.  Although Siri has been shown to be able to run on older i-devices by industrious hackers, Apple has only packaged this software in the 4S.  This may be to cut down the load on their servers. read more...

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