AJAX Not So Bad

by Joeydes M

This article is about the waves that AJAX is making at the enterprise level of development. AJAX is a client side object oriented toolkit that Microsoft provides to its developers. In Visual Studio it has drag and droppable components that allow for very sophisticated and modern website design. AJAX stnads for Asynchronus Javascript and XML. The article states that some Canaidian firms are finding a place for AJAX in their development practices. The article discussed some of the drawbacks to AJAX and some one of those drawbacks was the spin off s of the product, Microsoft has their version of it, as does Adobe (in the Spry package) it states that there are 100-200 different variations. This causes a lot of interoperatbility with web browsers. Google is trying to resolve this particular issue by releasing its own web developer toolkit and it combines these different types of design into one universal Java development platform. Another porblem that came up was the fact that there was not a lot of back end tools with AJAX and that means a developer would have to used two different langauges to program for both, it states ideally you would like to develop the back and the front end in the same language. read more...

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Dr. Techo Junky

by Omar N.

The article titled “Healthcare 2.0” discusses how Web 2.0 has been integrated into our healthcare system. One example is where medical videos are shared by physicians on websites like askdrwiki.com. Blogs are also used by healthcare professionals in education by sharing some real life cases. This sounds like it would be breaking some privacy act, but the article mentions that it is allowed as long as names and medical record numbers of the patients are never revealed. RSS feeds are another thing that is mentioned has increased healthcare productivity. It alerts busy doctors when a new article is published to keep them updated on research in their field. On the development side, AJAX has also been used in training and educating by reducing access times for x-rays and other images that require immediate responses. The article also uses the term “bashups” as a way to describe the combination of business intelligence and mashups in the healthcare field. For instance, insurance companies can track claims. Google maps, among other application sources, has been a useful tool in tracking the patterns in the spread of diseases. read more...

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