Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO Using Analytics Tools {7}

by Emily L
What is the point of creating a great website if the no one is able to see it? While it is important that web developers and designers focus on making great websites, it equally important that they focus on Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. To review, SEO is a process of improving the quality of websites using a number of techniques/tools in order to achieve higher rankings with major search engines (“What is seo,”). One of the tools that help with SEO is the use of Analytics tools. In general, Analytic tools help track sites’ statistics and help measure how successful your site may or may not be (Chen, 2011). It is able to track marketing subscriptions, contact form completions, downloads, clicks to social accounts, amount of traffic, etc. (Gabe, 2012). However, When it comes to SEO, analytic tools are the most used when it comes to measuring site traffic and conversion rates (Monsen). read more...

Building Web Applications Using Google API {7}

by Emily L
Unless you live under a rock, I will guarantee that you have come across at least one web site that utilizes one of the many Google APIs. Today, it is being used almost everywhere! To fully understand Google APIs, let me first explain what an API actually is. API stands for “Application Programmable Interface” and is a set of programming instructions that access web based software or tools (Dave). In this case, the Google API allow web developers to query Google’s servers, using its data for their own web applications. Google alone has dozens of APIs open to web developers and designers. Some of these APIs include: Maps API, Analytics API, Places API, Calendar APIs, YouTube APIs, etc. (Chapman, 2011). Let’s explore some of the more popular Google APIs. read more...

Click Like You Mean It {Comments Off on Click Like You Mean It}

by Omar N.

The article I read was about a research conducted using the University of Colorado Library’s website to compare 3 different click analytic tools: Google Analytics’ In-Page Analytics, ClickHeat, and Crazy Egg. Over a span of 6 months, they used the tools to monitor how the visitors were interacting with the website through clicks. What they found was each tool shared some common features, but there were also some benefits and drawbacks to each one. In-Page Analytics made it possible to track mobile users, but it lacked the ability to distinguish between the same links throughout a page, so it made it difficult to track which links on a page were more useful. ClickHeat uses color intensity to show user activity and did not have a problem with tracking the redundant links, but it required access to a web server to run the software. Crazy Egg was a hosted solution, so no web server access was needed, however it was quite expensive due to its pay-per-click subscription terms. read more...

Importance of Analytics for Business {Comments Off on Importance of Analytics for Business}

by Jintien C

The article discusses about how to utilize analytics tool to improve companies sales. In recent years, many companies have joined social media and tried to gain more market shares. However, the research shows most of companies just use social media as a channel to send message to their customers and forget listening from them. Business should consider analytics, it gives more detail about your customers. By using analytics tool, companies can target on their customers more precisely and reduce product development cost.


This article is related to relational database in chapter one. Analytics tool can collect all kinds of data from senders. Then, it can sort these data by user’s specification. Now, user will be able to take these useful information.

I agree with the editor who is encouraging businesses to have one of analytics tools. I think analytics tool will help companies recognize their customers better. Business gains more competitive advantage by having satisfied CRM.


Competition in the World of Analytics {1}

by Andrew N

Competition in the World of Analytic

Google has outdone many of its competition, but now they have also come to par with the analytics component. Google launched its analytic tool back in 2005 but it had not been up to par with other companies such as Chartbeat that launched in 2009 or Webtrends. Google has introduced their new Real-Time tool which eliminates the data lag that they once had. Unlike their competition Google offers their tool for free which is a benefit to using it. Although, they do offer a premium service with includes larger websites, more data collection and service support in which can be comparable to Chartbeat who charges ten dollars a month. read more...