The Future of Web Apps

by Marco M
“Smart phones and Apps”

This article focuses on the development of smart phones, web apps and network computing (cloud computing) and how they drive the usage of the internet. About this article, what I found most interesting was its discussion about Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 concerns integrating data, knowledge and apps to make the internet more of a collaborative platform; while Web 4.0 integrates human and machine intelligence so that people and computers can assist each other in smart ways. The article talks about the internet as the main platform for most of our activities such as communications, work and entertainment and all forms of transaction processing.  It goes further to say that activity will be done through smart phones primarily using cloud computing. read more...

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User Interface design will affect efficiency and experience

by Boshi W
I read an article on Design Shack talking about the UI designs on of Apple’s products not very efficient and create problems for users. One design was the Ibooks User Interface being too spaced out and letters too cramped comparing to its competitors Amazon Kindle’s simple and intuitive design interface which gives much free space to breathe. The Authors calls this design the “uncanny valley”. Another UI design flaw was the Cockpit for Mac OSX also being too realistic but inefficient in user experience. The author argues that apps with simplicity in mind is more user friendly and adaptive then apps trying to make it too realistic. read more...

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Apps and HTML5 Wrestle For Mobile Supremacy

by ChihWei H
HTML5 continues to receive support from big companies. Old technology powerhouse such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft are embracing the trend. Internet new comers, such are Twitter, Facebook, and Pandora are launching their product and services on smartphone and tablets from website based on HTML5. Many of these companies are already providing apps for smartphone and tablets, however, using HTML5 gives customer the same function and convenience of an app without the hassle of installing one.  Amaozn, for example, launched Kindle Cloud Reader with functions very similar to its app counterparts. HTML5 give companies the ability to bypass Apple’s 30% cut for app and content purchases. That being said, app and web application doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. read more...

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Smart Phone Apps

by Lyle Q

And how they revolutionized business.

The world as we know it is relying more and more on technology. This technology is becoming smaller and faster than many of us may have ever imagined. When I was in middle school I would have never dreamed of having a phone that could get on the internet, keep track of a company’s calendaring system, and watch videos of people making fountains from Mentos and Coke. This process was streamlined with the introduction of the App Store. read more...

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