Mass SQL injection attack affected millions of websites

by Boshi W
A recent article on Hacker News informed that a global attack done using SQL injection affected millions of outdated websites without the latest version of adobe PDF, Flash, or Java. Attackers planted malicious JavaScript on sites causes the browser to load an iframe with one of the two remote sites: and From there, the iframe attempts to plant an malware on visitor’s PC Via a number of browser exploits without the visitor’s knowledge or participation. Fortunately, this browser exploit can be patched by browser updates so users with updated browser should not have issues with the exploit. However, it was researched that most of the antivirus softwares today cannot detect the malware and only a few even aware of it. By far, the most affected software is NoScript from firefox which prevents any scripts from running without the user’s permission. read more...

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The Paradigm of Service

by James C

The IS job market has expanded to include many server-side languages. With the emergence of architectures that are centered on service-orientation, students are now implicitly required to obtain a more well-rounded intelligence of these types of languages. In this paper a pedagogy of courses is outlined to suggest a better approach to arming students with a better understanding of the needs that are required for the evolving job market. It not only reflects on the traditional methods used but also aims to improve them. In its detailed descriptions the paper provides an improved approach to the teaching methods for its proposed course curriculum. The server-side programming languages that are covered in these course are XML, ASP.NET and PHP. read more...

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ASP .NET MVC For Education Take Student to The Next Level

by ChihWei H

ASP .NET MVC, a component of Microsoft ASP .NET platform, could be a very powerful tool. It provides separating view of HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are also built-in AJAX functionality and optional jQuery support. In addition, the Razor syntax in ASP .NET MVC 3 provides seamless transition of HTML and C# makeup. All these benefit can be taught at school and let students leans several perspective of web design at the same time. Student can start with static HTML and constructed the style with CSS. MVC 3  projects are pre-populate with CSS for students to manipulate and practice. read more...

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