Online ‘Bill of Rights’

by Caezar M

this article talks about a proposed plan by the obama administration to place into effect a internet bill of rights that pertain to users privacy policy. for years it has been the objective of companies to obtain as much information about you as they possibly can. this has usually come in the form of what you put on facebook or your search engine searches, internet surveys, and what one website can get from another web site. it has gotten to a point that people no longer can trust others with information about their privacy. the obama administration has fuinally come to this realization and wants to offer a set of rules for the protetion of user information based on privacy principles from around the world. recently google made a new privacy policy that would allow them to collect and keep data from jsut about anything you do, no matter how sensitive or how stupid. this bill of rights would limit the type of information that web pages can keep about you and for how long they are allowed to store it for, along with many more other features. read more...

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