Improving SEO using Link Building {8}

by David F

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Have you ever wondered why  websites are displayed in the order that they are after going through a search? It’s simply due to popularity! The more links a site has the more people are referring to it. This is the process of Link building. As more and more information is being poured into the internet, users need a way to organize it all. The best solution for search engines is to organize it by the amount of links a website gets. In other words,  search results are based on how popular a link is. Which makes sense, a user wouldn’t want to go to a site that wasn’t relevant to what they were searching for. In this paper, I will explain what SEO is, what Link building is, and how the two work together. I will also talk about some potential problems with Link building. read more...

SEO 101: Links and Keywords. {Comments Off on SEO 101: Links and Keywords.}

by ChihWei H
This journal article talks about the importance of integrating SEO into website development. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the practice of constructing a web site that fits the search engine’s ranking criteria. Some analysts believe there are 77 factors affect how a web page is rank. Most of these factors concerns Google. While each search engine has its own algorithms, there are a lot of common grounds, enough to cover other search engine as well. Two of the most important factors among the 77s are Keywords and Links, while Meta tags are becoming more and more insignificant.  As Google and others continuously improve and undergone changes of their search algorithm, companies also need to keep monitoring and modifying their website to stays in high ranking. read more...