PostgreSQL is a way! {2}

by Yukit C
What is PostgreSQL?

Companies are always looking for database system to take care of complex data infrastructure in order to solve specific business needs, lower the cost of operations, and reduce the deployment time. Some case studies show PostgreQL is one of useful tools. PosgresQL is an open source object-relational database system (DBMS). In term of source relational database system, it is a relation database with an object-oriented database model which supports objects, classes and inheritance. PostgresQL runs major operating systems such as Linux, UNIX(Mac OSX, Solaris as well as Windows. It also supports for foreign keys, joins, triggers and stored procedures with multiple languages. read more...

DBA, a great position for a CIS major {4}

by Kevin S
The main purpose of a DBA is to perform maintenance and optimization tasks on a daily basis. However, according to Craig Mullins, DBA’s often become much more than that. Because the DBA is often relied upon by both IT and business associates, the realm of what is asked and/or expected constantly grows. A DBA should expect this, and accept it as it makes him/her more valuable to a company while also extending their own personal abilities. Opportunities to grow may include (in addition to the standard DBA duties):  experience with new technologies, a better understanding of the meaning of data, actively participating in application development, or perhaps just a better understanding of business. read more...

The Facebook Connection {Comments Off on The Facebook Connection}

by Ermie C
This article is about how Facebook widgets and plug ins have been gauged to slow down websites.  According to APM Compuware, load times for websites usually averaged 7.5 seconds and now with the increase of plug-in usage, that load time has turned into 12.5 seconds.  Many retail companies have been interviewed and said that they have had performance hang ups.  Adding something like the “like” button widget has already been something that has slowed down websites.  Facebook can be a giant to slow down the whole internet and with the research provided, it is evident that is does.  Analysts even went around and accused the hacker, Anonymous, for messing with their servers.  However, they described it as Facebook IT was just having a bad day. read more...

CSS Is Vital To Learn {1}

by Michael M
Cascading style sheets have been around for a while they have been around since 1997 so they have been around for 15 years. Cascading style sheets are useful for any web developer. There are really no web developers now that do not know how to use css because it is so common and is now so important. Style sheets are good because they will override peoples defaults settings so it is good becuase it will be seen like that across all web pages. CSS is very important because it can affect the entire mood of a web page. It can make or break your page because it creates consistancy across pages. CSS is not that hard it is just a little harder than plain HTML and it is vital to learn because without knowing how to use CSS will prevent you from getting a job in the web development field. read more...

Cloud Security {2}

by Han C
Onsite resources are not the only ones in need of protection anymore. Every day new methods of cloud computing are being introduced and adopted by companies of all sizes, all over the world. That’s the beauty of the cloud. You can access it from just about anywhere but so can the bad guys. The article I researched discusses the importance of security in the cloud environment. It even states that “cloud computing is subject to the same threats as traditional dedicated hosting and in-house computing” meaning that hackers are able to prey on weak or unsecured passwords just the same and customers or end users need to be warned. Adopters of cloud technologies should learn how things work before going full throttle into adoption. This test drive can provide the IT department with insight into system integration and a greater understanding of how to mitigate risks within their infrastructure. read more...

What’s In a Website? {1}

by Calvin M
A website represents who you are or what your company is all
about. It is used as a way to attract new customers and to give information
when they can’t visit your store. Having a website allows a business to run an
online store, where customers that can’t normally be reached can be purchased
from. E-commerce websites are becoming more relevant as time goes on. Though
there are service providers that let you “build” your own website yourself,
there are other professional services that build your website to your exact
specifications. These professionals know the correct word usages, color
schemes, and template designs to make your website efficient and user friendly. read more...