Cisco Says Mobile Data Traffic Is Rising {Comments Off on Cisco Says Mobile Data Traffic Is Rising}

by Han C
According to a recent forecast, Cisco’s visual networking index has listed global mobile data traffic to increase by 18 fold within the next five years. The VNI forecast is an ongoing initiative to track the impact of visual networking applications on a global scale. By examining the trends of the last four years, the article is able to show that average smartphone usage nearly tripled in 2011 and that mobile video traffic exceeded 50% for the first time in 2011. In addition, Android data usage is actually higher than iPhone users. The crucial factor here is to promote the increase in mobile speeds such as 4G, which includes: WiMAX, and Long-Term Evolution. 4G only holds 0.2% of mobile connections but is already accounting for 6% of all mobile data traffic. As mobile data traffic continues to rise along with user demand, the article estimates that the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population sometime this year. read more...

VSPEX: Solution for Midrange IT Providers {2}

by Miguel V
Two years ago Cisco, EMC and VMware teamed up to to create and introduce VBlocks. VBlock is a set of “systems preconfigured, preintegrated and converged computing systems consisting of network-ware and x86-type servers” resulting in cloud computing systems ranging in size from hundreds to 6,00 virtual machines. By 2012 VBlock has become a highly successful product increasing sales to $800 million per year. Unfortunately for EMC not all IT companies need to be running 6,000 virtual machines. With intentions of reaching the mid range IT companies EMC created “VSPEX a set of 14 IT blueprints allowing customers to select computing and networking hardware, software and services based on the distributor line card and sizing of components based on the requirements of a  particular VSPEX solution.” With VSPEX 14 preconfigured environments EMC is giving their customers more choices so that they can determine their own solutions by “providing the sizing guides, reference architecture and deployment guides, and allow them to align with their vendor of choice.” read more...

Updating an IT Professional {4}

by Miguel V
With technology trends like cloud computing, big data and converged infrastructures “significantly changing the way enterprise IT professionals run their data centers” Cisco Systems is teaming up with EMC and VMware to provide IT professionals training “in a wide range of areas impacting the data center, from networking and cloud computing to storage and virtualization.” Cisco goals are to give IT administrators the required training to address technology trend issues. With this program Cisco and its partners are leading the way in transforming skills for the next generation of IT professionals . With cloud computing changing the way information and data  is being sent from one server to the next “IT organizations must cultivate new cloud architecture skills, understand how to use big data and maintain deep domain expertise with a renewed understanding of virtualization and technology convergence.” Through its training courses Cisco plans on giving technical “professionals the skills to build and run these evolving data centers” by providing ” a prescriptive and simple way to acquire the right skills at the right time.
This article has a couple of topics that relate to what we discussed about in class when dealing with data modeling and the importance of knowing good naming techniques that everyone can understand. Personally I like that Cisco Systems is stepping up and providing IT professionals that don’t want to go back to college a simple course that is design to update them on the new technology and practices of an IT professional in a simple and easy to understand way. read more...

Cisco Wants To Light Up Data Centers {1}

by Toan T
The article that I read talks about how Cisco is planning to purchase Lightwire, a new company that makes optical technology for high-speed networking similar to fiber optics. The deal will cost $271 million for Cisco. Good thing is expected from Lightwire as Cisco believes that the small high-speed silicon chips that Lightwire uses to transmit data via pulses of light instead of electric signals will come in useful. Cisco wants to bring optical networking technologies into data centers by creating high-speed yet affordable switches. With fast data centers, they can allow the end users can access and retrieve large data sets. read more...

Cisco’s the Best. For Now. {2}

by Mike Y

            This article from Information Week looks into the best rated data center networking vendors, new technology, and what companies are looking to do with regards to their datacenters. According to their vendor evaluation, over 70% of the companies surveyed will “likely have newly designed networks within three years.” This is partially a result of better technology leading to cheaper hardware. Some vendors such as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Juniper the proprietary technology route. Other companies like Arista, Force10, and Extreme are concentrating on cost to performance ratio. At this point in time, Cisco is the highest rated company for product performance and product reliability, but not by much. With changes happening over the next few years, any vendor has a chance to outdo Cisco. read more...

Benefits of Cloud Computing {4}

by Yeimy F
 According to Cisco, cloud computing services are predicted to increase “12-fold by 2015.” Businesses are considering the use of cloud solution providers such as “Amazon, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft” to lower cost of ownership. Having an off-site server is considered to be more cost-effective because it reduces the need to invest on costly technology and the number of IT employees needed for server hardware maintenance as well. Moreover, the use of cloud computing services increase workforce productivity because employees are able to access the business applications and data from anywhere there is Internet connectivity. Cloud solution providers are also able to meet the demands of business growth, and provide specialized IT personnel who respond to crisis or failures by providing immediate access to business data files and applications, and offer instant back-up solutions. read more...