Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: A Future Potential {3}

by Shaleen S
Cloud Computing is a technology/concept that allows to store information on the internet. Therefore, one need not fret about storing and maintaining the files onto hard drive or carrying it around. If one needs to work on it, they can access the file from the “cloud” or the server online, and then upload it back again. Cloud computing enables organizations, individuals, teachers, students etc. to perform a variety of tasks and can save time and space by not installing the software’s needed to perform those tasks since the “cloud” already provides those. read more...

Cloud Computing Characteristics {4}

by Antonio M
This article talks about the characteristics of Cloud Computing and how it is one
of the hottest topics in the field of information technology. The main
characteristics that the author talk about are how Cloud Computing is service
oriented, loose coupling, strong fault,tolerant, business model, TCP/IP Based and
Virtualization. In more detail, the service oriented characteristic has three
categorizes, Infastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Iaas is being able to use computing resources like
the capacity of processing storage and network. PaaS is “the middle bridge between
hardware and application.” It generally supports a set of applications which are
interfaced to cloud applications. SaaS is pretty much running an application on the
cloud rather than a PC eliminating the need to install and run software directly.
The author concludes that Cloud Computing can be quite complex and just knowing
the characteristics alone will not help solve the problem in how to go about
designing and developing a cloud computing system.

Improving Business With Cloud Computing {2}

by Chris S
This article focused on several benefits cloud computing can have on a business. A small list that was mentioned include data duplication, outsourcing, technical capability increase, and data handling. Some of the bigger ideas behind cloud computing improving a business are reducing their costs, security, and convenience. All these reasons tied together would create more efficiency for any business. By using cloud computing technology, businesses will be able to enhance and perform all their operations with ease. read more...

Cloud computing creating jobs {3}

by Ricardo C
Cloud computing is a great option for business since it alleviates the cost of IT. A recent study by Microsoft shows that cloud computing is important for job creation, especially in the banking industry because cloud-based IT innovations take the burden of application maintenance off of IT staff, so they can allocate the resources and applied them to more critical projects within the organization and innovate and create jobs in other areas such as sales, finance, production and marketing. The study says that companies spend on average 7% of their total costs in IT, the banking industry spending the most with 14% of its total costs. The study demonstrates that cloud computing’s goal is to drive this percentage down. read more...

Google “Drive” Could Step on Cloud Partners’ Toes {Comments Off on Google “Drive” Could Step on Cloud Partners’ Toes}

by Bach B
We all know that Google is offering online storage service in different ways, such as Google Docs. However, Google is also preparing to to launch its own cloud storage service named “Drive”. However, is it going to trample a bit on products and services offered by Google partners? read more...

Casino Cloud Built by Gaming Firm {Comments Off on Casino Cloud Built by Gaming Firm}

by Bach B
Will we not need to go to Las Vegas to gamble in the future? Might be, since a casino-specific cloud has been built in the US, in a further sign of the trend towards industry-tailored software as a service solutions. International Game Technology (IGT) is building casino software through the cloud by using the AppLogic cloud computing platform from CA Technologies. Chris Satchell, chief technology officer at IGT, said, “Casinos of all sizes will find it more cost effective and have higher agility in managing their gaming content through the IGT Cloud.” read more...

SQL ‘big data’ driving {1}

by Quoc L
2012 is going to be a big year for Microsoft’s SQL server. It going to get a huge overhaul and cloud support this year. The explosive increase of data is forcing SQL server to change the way of managing and storing data. Up and coming solid state drive usage have spike recently as a new and faster way of data storage.solid state drive is the new up and coming tech for data storage. The new hard drive have more then twice the speed of traditional hard drive.  Another huge internet trend that is affecting SQL is cloud computing and storage. Cloud computing is where data are store on the “cloud” where anybody on the internet can access the data with ease. These data are storage in data warehouse that is constantly connected to internet. With these two new trend, database is going to become faster and efficient then it was in the past. read more...

Mega-Upload Shut Down Problem {3}

by Abubaker D

My article was about the website mega upload dilemma. What happened was that the US government shut down the mega upload website because it broke some US copy right laws. The article is specifically talking about the people who were using mega upload as a data base. Which is what we call a cloud computing service. The main problem about shutting down the website lies with the users. Because right now, users can’t get their files back. A lot of users uploaded pictures, videos, papers, articles and contracts and whatever you can name on to mega upload. And there is no way to get them back. The FBI is not to contact some 50 million users and return their files to each one of them. That process will take ages. Mega upload apparently will never come back. And the FBI doesn’t care about the users files. So it will be sad for the people who didn’t have any back up of their files. The article says that people shouldn’t rely on cloud computing back up services. People always need to have other sources of back up for their files. And cloud back up services should be a secondary resource. read more...

Cloud Computing Survey {2}

by Abubaker D
article is about cloud computing and it’s maturing.  A survey conducted by Avanade found out that cloud computing is becoming more mature as more companies are acquiring it. From it, they noticed that businesses have increased investments in securing, managing, and supporting cloud computing. Some of the survey’s highlights are: read more...

Security Architecture of Cloud Computing {1}

by Shahravi
For this blog, I have choosen an article that talks about cloud computing. To be specific, I am here talking about the security side of cloud computing. Security is big concern when we talk about cloud computing. Now days, more and more companies and organizations are deploying cloud computing in their organizations. But the fear of security is holding lots of companies and organizations back. The article explains key points related to security architecture of cloud computing. read more...