Cloud Database

A Service Cloud Database {1}

by Ming X
In the article, the author talks about a  cloud database-as-a-service technology developed by Xeround that leverages the open source MySQL database. Xeround’s service can be described as a scale-out MySQL platform which enables organizations to cost-effectively solve database capacity issues that result from increased traffic and transaction volumes. Xeround CEO Razi Sharir said “Within the next few quarters you will see more and more Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers delivering our database as the database of choice,” And Xeround will be the core back-end database for the majority of PaaS offerings. Xeround’s service is based on a pay-per-use model, but lacks support with data warehousing and business intelligence. Xeround database is a distributed structure, which means if a user wants to do a full table scan from multiple sources it will take a long time. The Oracle and VMware both enter the market, which expanded the database-as-a-service and increase the competition. read more...

Xeround Sound: Stable Funding for Cloud Database Service {1}

by Brian T
Among the multitude of organizations that have emerged in this newly created era of cloud computing, there is Xeround. Xeround is a database service that bases all of it’s in actions in the cloud.  As if the concept isn’t attractive enough, Xeround recently upped it’s start-up funds to 30 million dollars through Series C Benchmark funding allowing ample room for additional marketing and development. read more...