JavaScript on the Web {Comments Off on JavaScript on the Web}

by Michael M
Baciacally this week I learned a little more about java script and how it actually works. There are many different parts to java script that I didn’t even know about. Like I did not know that java script is actually not written just like you would java. There is some variation. There are many different things that need to be taken into account when you use java script in your web pages because you cannot use java script so store anything it can just check and see if there is information in required fields if there is not it can shoot you an error message and you have to do what it wants before it uses your information and places it into some type of database. I also learned that java script is not all that secure people can do things to the code to get access to your information so its not really that great to use. I found that kind of interesting because there are times that we are on sites and believe they are safe but they may not be safe at all. Your information can be sent to their e-mail address in some instances and never placed into a database. That is what I think was kind of interesting about reading this article this week. read more...

Tax Season is Over…Did You Notice Anything Different? {2}

by Alexander H
Tax season is now over and those who filed at the very last minute may be seeing their return much sooner than previous years.  For over 25 years, the IRS has been developing a new database management system to replace the older system that has been used for more than five decades. The new system dubbed Customer Account Database Engine 2, or CADE 2, was finally utilized this year to handle the 2011 tax season.  IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman stated the new system was designed to “enable faster processing of returns and better customer service, while cutting down fraud”.  Perhaps the greatest addition to this system is the fact that all returns are now handled on a daily basis rather than weekly, as it has been done since 1960.  The base of this system was to get rid of code that was irrelevant and get rid of the legacy environments that were extremely complex to process.  By utilizing this system, nearly 60% of taxpayers were able to receive their refunds in eight days or less, which is a big feat considering that is a 30% increase from last year. read more...

SQL Programmer {Comments Off on SQL Programmer}

by Joe C
Sylvain Faust International’s SQL-Programmer is a software they created for programmers to be more productive. It features many easily accessible debugger tools as well as the capability to manage object permissions so that they will have the power to control every aspect of each given object. There are four primary components to the SQL-Programmer: The Access Manager, the Script Interface, the SQL-Explorer, and the Report Interface. They focused on making the product to be intuitive so that the functions may be easily learned or “caught on,” but some users have actually found this counterintuitive. Sometimes there are too many ways to accomplish one task that the user doesn’t know which way would be the best, most effecient way. Some enterprise features include built-in support for some other source-code softwares. Another optional add-on is the PL/SQL Debugger, an essential tool for serious programmers. read more...