Sessions What is it {6}

by Michael M
When we were doing the project this past week I heard a bit about sessions and I really did not get what it was all about so that is what I am going to do my article abut this week so I can learn a little more about what session is and what it is all about. Session is kind of like a cookie but is actually not stored on the users browser like a cookie would do. A cookie can keep a lot of information such as user name and password so when you use session it does not keep the information. It is like a token it alles access and passing of information while the user has the browser open. But once you close the browser you will lose the session and will have to re log in when you come back to the site because your information is not stored on the computer. read more...

Are Cookies Always Eatable? {4}

by Wei C

This article I found is basically talks about the cookies from HTTP. Cookies have great usages on the online selling or business. The function of cookies is to memory some data and information between both server and client side. In addition, it can also reduce the information and data stored in the computers of the client side. However, cookies have made some concerns to the people. For example, cookies made connection from the client to the server. It simply means some of the information from the client side can be known by the server side. Especially some of the websites that are requesting for the personal information might be stored into a cookie and be visible to the server. read more...