cyber attacks

Security vs Privacy {3}

by Miguel V
The article I chose for this week is labeled “Cybersecurity bill passes, Obama threatens veto.” This article talks about a controversial cybersecurity bill that was approved late Thursday, even though President Obama is threatening to veto the┬ábill, citing concerns that the bill’s language doesn’t go far enough to protect citizens’ privacy. This article mentions that “companies would be incentivized to voluntarily share information with the government, and the United States could share crucical attack information with companies.”It also mentions that government’s top cybersecurity advisors widely agree that cyber criminals have the capability to take down the country’s critical financial, energy or communications infrastructure. Cyber attacks are now leveling the playing field, recently attacking Iran in the Stuxnet incident. A worm ordered the centrifuges in an Iranian nuclear facility to spin out of control ultimately destroying it. read more...

Automated Attacks {5}

by Daniel M
The article that i read was about how automated web attacks are on the rise. The article says that on average web applications are attacked by hackers roughly once every two hours while automated attacks are averaging about 25,000 attacks per hour. That is one attack every 7 seconds. This shows how much more devastating automated attacks can be versus hackers alone. The article talks about how you cant automate normal theft or crime but you can automate data theft. This makes data theft much more dangerous because of how rapidly they can hit different websites and steal their data. The article also talks about how 61% of all of the cyber attacks come the U.S., but then they say that they are not sure how many of those computers are being controlled from outside the U.S. The author talks about how the attacks are becoming increasingly harder to trace the origin of the attacks. read more...