Oracle’s Approach to Database Security {Comments Off on Oracle’s Approach to Database Security}

by Daniel L
Last week my blog post talked about McAfee’s database security offerings and how they were handling the security concerns of businesses.  Since database security is a key issue these days, especially with all these server breaches making the headlines, I wanted to cover another company’s approach at database security.  Oracle, the company known for its database management systems, has teamed up with F5 Networks to deliver a database firewall to the market.  Oracle is gearing this service to go up against database activity monitoring services offered by companies like Imperva and IBM.  The way the firewall works is by creating a barrier around the database, scrutinizing any of the SQL statements coming its way, ultimately determining if any immediate action should be taken to block the statement.  The firewall is capable of logging statements, sending out alerts if they are out of the ordinary, and it can even substitute SQL statements.  A company using the firewall can set up whitelist and blacklist policies which play the role of gatekeeper to the database.  Companies shouldn’t worry if they aren’t using a database system built by Oracle, the firewall is compatible with non-Oracle database platforms.  Moreover, Oracle and F5 have also developed a web application firewall. read more...

The all “new” Database Firewall {Comments Off on The all “new” Database Firewall}

by Stephen O
It slices, it dices, it makes healthy meals in thirty minutes flat, unclogs drains with ease, and will fold your laundry! Okay maybe it does none of that, but what it does do is offer a small peace of mind when it comes to Database protection.  This year was known as the Year of the hacker, with hacking stealing the headlines away from shark attacks, missing children, and celebrity rehab news (Thankfully). People have known about hackers for ages, but this last summer hacker groups such as Anonymous and LOLZSEC made everyone feel a little less safe. Sony was a focus of several attacks, and millions of people were affected by one attack alone. The Spree of hacking brought the hacking problem into the public eye. What is even more freighting is how easy it is. read more...