Database & Social Networking

Microsoft SQL Update Caters to Big Data Needs! {2}

by Joshua L
The article I read for this week talks about Microsoft’s most recent update to SQL server. With the release of SQL server 2012 Microsoft has turned SQL Server into a tool that can help organizations analyze large amounts of unstructured data, an increasingly popular practice called big data. The new software is helpful for social networking analysis services. The new software is also very adaptable for use with cloud computing services. The software has already been proven to process about 350GB of social networking data each day by a company called Klout. The article says that SQL Server 2012 is a modern data platform that embraces the world of traditional structured data and brings in the world of unstructured big data. read more...

Database & Social Networking {4}

by David H

This article is talking about how crucial of database marketing and social network affect to business. Nowadays, technologies have been growth. Many businesses or companies want to build strong bond long term relationship with customers or clients. They want to serve customers and clients with more efficiency. By doing so, many businesses need to create database to keep track information, or the needs of customers.  The purpose that company need to create database are “identify potential customers, defining the customer with who will receive a personalized of offer, updating customer orders, and increasing customer loyalty.” Social networking is most power tool that use to create connection of everyone or between user and business or client. Nowadays we use some of website such as blog, Facebook, twister, MySpace…. to communicate or share information with others more convenience and fast. Business use social network to advertise their ad. It makes business expand more bigger and bigger. read more...