DDoS and SQL Injections {3}

by Leonardo S
The article I chose for this week is titled “Hackers Trade Tips On DDoS, SQL Injection” by Mathew J. Schwartz. The main focus of the article is on the activity of certain underground hacker forums. The data security firm Imperva monitored 18 forums and released a report saying that the two hottest topics were DDoS attacks and SQL injection attacks. A distributed denial of service attack involves flooding a network with fake packets in order to make it inaccessible. The other attack, an SQL injection, involves a hacker sending their own commands into a database. If it doesn’t have the right security, the hacker can easily use commands to access the information stored in the database. Imperva also announced that SQL injection attacks are the most used type of attack against website. This announcement was backed by the fact that many security experts believe that SQL injection attacks are what caused the breach in South Carolina state databases in which thousands of credit card and social security numbers were taken. read more...

IPv6 Is Not Ready For DDoS Attacks {1}

by Toan T
This article talks about how internet users that are on IPv6 is more susceptible of DDoS attacks than people that are on IPv4. Studies have shown that hackers have set their sights on IPv6 after the first incident that has happened on the new network. However, there are really no defense to these attacks because the technology is quite new and if an attack is executed, network administrators will have their hands tied together without knowing what to do. About 21% of users that are on IPv6 reported that they didn’t even know that they were possible victims of such attack. The best solution to combat DDoS at this moment is to have the networks not exist at all which certain will not happen since there is money on the line. With more IPv6 networks being deployed down the road, it is unknown whether if there is any solution that to prevent such type of incident from happening in the near future. read more...