User Interface design will affect efficiency and experience {1}

by Boshi W
I read an article on Design Shack talking about the UI designs on of Apple’s products not very efficient and create problems for users. One design was the Ibooks User Interface being too spaced out and letters too cramped comparing to its competitors Amazon Kindle’s simple and intuitive design interface which gives much free space to breathe. The Authors calls this design the “uncanny valley”. Another UI design flaw was the Cockpit for Mac OSX also being too realistic but inefficient in user experience. The author argues that apps with simplicity in mind is more user friendly and adaptive then apps trying to make it too realistic. read more...

The Importance of Index Blending {Comments Off on The Importance of Index Blending}

by Alexander V

The article was about “Index Blending” and its contribution to discipline specific research. “Index Blending is the process of database development whereby various components are merged and refined to create a single encompassing source of information. ” Index Blending combines the specific indices of other databases and other important components in order to create a single index for a particular area of study. One could say it is a “frankenstein” database where all the best resources for research are combined into one index. The process of Index Blending is very long and detail oriented. The first and most important step of the process is to determine what the problem/need is. In this instance, an area of study does not have sufficient resources and requires a more comprehensive index. The need for a more comprehensive resource is usually determined through: conducting surveys, discussions with users, and looking currently available resources. Through this process vendors determine what resources to add, remove, focus on, and or expand upon. Examples of Index Blending used by the author are EBSCO’s development of the databases Communication & Mass Media Complete and Hospitality & Tourism Index . read more...

CASE Tools: A Comparative Analysis {1}

by Ahlyzik M

When implementing a database, one must have the proper tools to design the structure in accordance with best practices. To do so, CASE tools must be used as a guide for developers to properly implement the database. Currently, there are a number of CASE tools in the marketplace, but the ones mentioned in the article were Oracle, Erwin and Microsoft Visio. Each CASE tool has a variety of features that vary in range. For example, the Erwin Modeler has a price tag of just under four thousand dollars but is meant to be used in a professional environment rather than an economic environment. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Visio is fairly cheaper than Erwin or Oracle because the main features of Visio are drawing tools, whereas the other two have the ability to generate code and be used in a production environment. These CASE tools can be used to create great designs, but one must stay within best practices and be trained in order to prevent bad designs. Ultimately the author of the article chose Visio as the best ones to use because of its feature set and its price point. read more...

What’s In a Website? {1}

by Calvin M
A website represents who you are or what your company is all
about. It is used as a way to attract new customers and to give information
when they can’t visit your store. Having a website allows a business to run an
online store, where customers that can’t normally be reached can be purchased
from. E-commerce websites are becoming more relevant as time goes on. Though
there are service providers that let you “build” your own website yourself,
there are other professional services that build your website to your exact
specifications. These professionals know the correct word usages, color
schemes, and template designs to make your website efficient and user friendly. read more...