Simplified File Sharing {1}

by Michael V
There are many forms of filesharing on the internet, with so many different types of business models out there, so what’s the next move to step up the ladder? As new technology comes out, they tend to go through many phases of upgrades, first with the addition of features, upgrades on horse power and storage, and the works. However, once it no longer becomes optimal to keep adding on new gadgets into a file sharing site, companies like Dropcanvas begin to optimize and streamline the system for ease of use, extending their reach to an audience that much more complicated file sharing systems couldn’t hope to access. File sharing in essence is a form of cloud computing, albiet one that everyone has public access to, and the fact that Dropcanvas is offering free service with up to 5gigabytes per “canvas” is quite amazing. But what truly makes them stand out is there unique system that is so easy to use that even children should have no trouble figuring out. They simply create a “canvas” page that users can drag and drop files into, and from there share with whomever they want. The ingenuity of the simplicity allows the business to reach consumers that have little patience or tolerance for the newfangled that seem to clutter the internet. read more...

Simply Dropcanvas {Comments Off on Simply Dropcanvas}

by David A
The article “Dropcanvas Offers Up Free, Dead Simple File Sharing, But Can It Last?” is about a new free sharing service called Dropcanvas.  The website is simple, easy and straight to the point.  Absolutely no training is required to use this website.  You can upload a maximum of 5GB files and simply share with anyone.  Sharing is available through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or the traditional e-mail approach.  A simple account can be created to keep track of all the Canvases.  Chris Newnham and Heath Axton created this simple service and have no plans to monetize the service, although they did mention that donations will be accepted to keep operations running.  The launch of the service was two weeks ago, and has been pretty solid so far.  The creators fear that in the wrong hands the site is vulnerable due to the common dangers of today’s piracy.  To prevent these issues, a lot of monitoring and policing are going to be necessary.  They mentioned websites such as MegaUpload and how their services were exploited, and comparing to Dropcanvas and its anonymously sharing service, many think it will not last. read more...