Data Mining Within E-Commerce {0}

By Gary C.

In e-commerce, data mining is critically essential in order to compete with the rapidly growing competition amongst retailers. E-commerce is the exchange of data within the online world in order to garner business transactions. There are patterns and trends within shoppers that are analyzed and broken down in order to determine strategies to identify a multitude of situations, such as from what customers may like based on a previously purchased product all the way to why customers tend to avoid a certain product. The amount of raw data that is transmitted through data mining is astounding and requires a tremendous amount of research in order to determine the most of every possible likely scenario. read more...

Application of Web Data Mining and Data Warehouse in E-Commerce {Comments Off on Application of Web Data Mining and Data Warehouse in E-Commerce}

by Jungh K
For this week’s blog assignment, I chose an article, titled “Application of Web Data Mining and Data Warehouse in E-Commerce”.  The authors provide overviews of data warehouse and how it is used in E-Commerce environments.  According to the authors, W. H. Inmon, who is considered to be the founder of data warehouse, states that data warehouse is defined as “data collection which is subject-oriented, integrated, and non-volatile and time variant and it is used to support for management decision”.  In the data warehouse, the data is organized to be specific on each subject. Once the original dispersed data are collected and cleaned, the refined data are stored in data warehouse in consistent manners.  The data in data warehouse are rarely deleted or modified even though they are updated in real-time.  The data in data warehouse store historical information and there qualitative analysis allows users to forecast the future tendency.  The authors give examples using customer management modules, which are commonly used in E-Commerce, to demonstrate how data warehouse is used.  In the example, modules are divided into their specific purposes, however; they are set up in a way to provide comprehensive understanding of the customers. read more...

Why do We Learn ASP.NET? {1}

by Davina V
Information Systems (IS) graduates need to learn a way to find a good balance between the old and new technology which constantly grows more complicated when a new technology is introduced into society. The one of the main reasons why Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology is useful is because it can integrate mainframe and client/server technologies. The authors stresses that for proper operation of IS and Visual Studio.NET, IIS (Microsoft’s Internet Information Services) must be installed before Visual Studio. Luckily like the tip suggested our teacher gave us a short introduction to the software. read more...

Testing Consumer Response to E-Commerce Sites {1}

by Vincent S
Just as we have been diving deeper into into the world of web development and exploring both the client and server side of the process, I found an article presenting a recent study on measuring consumers’ emotional responses while visiting web pages.  A study was performed  at the University of Missouri on which two doctors of computer science quantified emotional biological responses to their interaction with a particular site.  The model they employed in order to test response is a model known as the SOR model, or the Stimulus-Organism-Response model.  The stimulus aspect can be divided into two main categories named high-level interaction, and low-level interaction.  A high-level interaction consists of media content such as videos or click events.  A low-level interaction involves more simple changes such as formatting.  The organism aspect refers to the user specs such as age and gender.  Finally, the response is the actual biological response.  The response was measured in facial ques, muscle movements, and of course survey responses. read more...

Where Web Design Focus Counts Most {Comments Off on Where Web Design Focus Counts Most}

by Omar N.

This article is about a research study made in Taiwan that compared a high convenience vs. a low convenience e-commerce website. To measure their study, the researchers used the Internet Commerce Evaluation Scale (ICES), which covered 12 key areas:  visitor greeting, catalog, shopping cart, checkout, security, coherence and organization, consistency and standardization, efficiency, navigation, style, value added, and brick and mortar. What they found was that in the high convenience website, the strongest indicators of high satisfaction were from the visitor greetings, catalog, shopping cart, consistency and standardization, efficiency, and brick and mortar. For the low convenience website, visitor greeting, catalog, and coherence and organization were the major contributing factors to having unsatisfied customers. read more...

JavaScript, the Ugly Duckling? {Comments Off on JavaScript, the Ugly Duckling?}

by Calvin M
JavaScript has always been seen as an “ugly duckling” of web development because of the negatives that JavaScript has. Since Web 2.0 has taken over website design, Holger Kienle believes that JavaScript well benefit web developers the most because of the complexity of most Web 2.0 websites. Since there are more web applications starting to take over desktop applications, JavaScript is used to create programs that execute faster. Web browsers JavaScript support needs to be on par with the latest developments because all the web applications developed with JavaScript will rely on these browsers. There are plenty of tools, such as Google Web Toolkit, that can translate your JAVA code into JavaScript, which allows developers to create code faster and more efficiently. Though JavaScript is always buggy, and not the best coding language, the author of this article believes that JavaScript will be a front runner in developing Web 2.0 sites. read more...

Funny Enough to Buy {2}

by Omar N.

As a follow-up to last week’s lecture on user experience, I found an interesting article that shows a study about the effects of interactivity and humor in getting visitors to buy from an E-commerce business. The author conducted an experiment by showing participants various websites that contained interactive vs. non-interactive and humor vs. non-humor designs. Interactive websites were ones that had product demo pages giving the users the ability to manipulate the products through mouse clicks. Results showed that these websites gave the users a much more positive perception than the non-interactive ones. Humor, however, showed to only have a marginal benefit. The author believes that it is possible the result were caused by the fact that they only used mild humor in the research. It is expected that stronger humor may have a greater effect on perception. read more...

Social Networking IQ {Comments Off on Social Networking IQ}

by James C

There are systems in the business world that allow for the creation, storage, retrieval, transfer, and application of knowledge. These systems are known as knowledge management systems. Knowledge management systems also allow for workers to communicate and collaborate with one another. Conventionally knowledge management systems have documented clear and obvious knowledge. Yet businesses are realizing that in order to remain relevant in the world today, their knowledge management systems need to incorporate features commonly found in social networking sites. These added features will assist in the apprehension of individual, tacit, and social knowledge. The hope is that these added features and tools will also encourage a higher number of interactions between employees which can possibly equate to better and improved communication and collaboration . Four different companied implemented social networking tools and features into their knowledge management infrastructure. Data shows that despite the differences among all four companies there were common concerns. Protection of the company’s and employees privacy was at the top of the list followed by the easiness of finding information. Another concerns was making sure that the leader of implementing such change see it to the end in order to keep employees’ motivation to do so as well. Benefits were also cited by the four companies. Such a project not only promoted a sense of community but also allowed for the documentation of tacit knowledge and allowed for continued leadership. read more...

Distributor Middleman and World Wide Web {Comments Off on Distributor Middleman and World Wide Web}

by Tuyen H

            In tradition, consumers buy manufacture products through distributors or middleman. Since the World Wide Web (Internet) and E-commerce were developed, the middlemen were preplaced by the Internet.  The Internet allows business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) rapidly increasing.  E-commerce becomes an opportunity for companies to achieve their competitive advantage. Online shopping allows people easily compare products’ price and functions before making decision. This article also mentions about effective Internet marketing. With the second generation of web (Web 2.0) E-commerce becomes more attractive consumer. As the result, consumers spend more money to buy goods and services directly online instead of buying them through middlemen. The authors also point out an interesting point which there is more than 90% online purchasing is made through corporate website.
           This article talks about the Internet or World Wide Web. It also mentions to E-commerce, B2B, and B2C technologies. In my opinion, Internet is the greatest innovation of nineteenth century.  It makes the world become smaller and more connected. When the Internet is increasing, many industries also are increasing special E-commerce. Not only we have Black Friday, we now also have Cyber Monday. I am very interested in the replacement of middlemen by the WWW. Indeed, under consumers’ expect shopping online is more convenience and cheaper, and under corporations’ expect E-commerce is an opportunity to achieve their competitive advantages.
           Let get Costco Wholesale Corporation for example. Costco has created an interactive online webpage which allows customers easy access to information, price, and images of products that they offer.  They also offer many services and have descriptions about each on their webpage.  Costco also has membership and location information as well as information about the company accessible to potential and existing members. By combining online and store, Costco create a competitive advantage over its competition. read more...