Java Spring Framework {4}

by Eric S

Today, Business and developers are always finding different ways to give them that competitive edge in the technology market.  One of the first major game changers was the Java Spring Framework, released in 2002. It has evolved over the years and helped java be able to evolve and still work with many new and existing external platforms today. As with every program there are specific intentions or roles it is meant to be able to accomplish.  If we were to try and compare what the Java Spring framework role is in laymen terms, it would be considered the piping and internal structure design of a house, by helping move things in and out on a set smooth pattern. As we have moved form log cabins to ultra modern smart homes, the design of the piping and internal structure has significantly changed to adapt. The Java Spring Framework like we have seen on the market in the last few years has done just that. According to “The Spring Framework helps you build Java Applications faster because it allows you to focus on your business problem rather than the plumbing code that connects components and systems.” (Spring Source) Throughout this blog I will explain the history and the practical use of the Java Spring Framework, as we use it today. read more...

Twitter Bootstrap {8}

by Silva H

Twitter Bootstrap

           Bootstrap was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter in August 2011 as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Before the creation of Twitter Bootstrap, engineers had lot of difficulties to create descent websites and web application. They used various libraries that they were familiar with for interface development; however, there were lot of inconsistencies among the individual applications that made the scaling and maintaining them very difficult. Bootstrap began as an answer to these challenges and quickly accelerated during Twitter’s first Hackweek. read more...

Yahoo Grabs A Drink {1}

by Ermie C
This article is about how Yahoo is creating an easier way to create applications for the mobile framework and the great thing about it is that it’s open source. It’s purpose is to make it a lot easier to create applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and personal computers. Yahoo is saying that it’s better because it solves the problem of sending and receiving data to and from devices. The name of this framework is called Mojito. This was created in November and is recently under the BSD license to become open source. Also, from recent applications, Mojito has been used mainly for creating apps for newspapers and magazines on the iPad and the app is called “Livestand”. This is actually part of the bigger project of Yahoo called “Cocktail”. This is because of the struggle that Yahoo has been having with the competition of Google. They want to create something that will maybe help boosts their “ratings” because they are rumored to be in a takeover. read more...

Choosing ASP.NET MVC {Comments Off on Choosing ASP.NET MVC}

by Omar N.

In the article titled “Which ASP.NET is Better?”, the older ASP.NET Web Form is compared to the newer ASP.NET MVC framework. Although the new framework offers many modern advantages, the author advocates that moving to ASP.NET MVC may not be worth it for web developers because, at the core level, the two are nearly identical. The newer ASP.NET also advertises itself as making it easier to produce cleaner code through its debugging process. This is accomplished by having the ability to isolate certain parts of the code and making it more noticeable where an error may exist. The author argues that the chance of writing bad code is nearly the same between the two, but MVC just makes it easier to diagnose. read more...