Flash Lives–Thanks To Facebook and Games {4}

by Bach B
This week, i am going to blog about Flash, an almost-dead web technology, when its developer, Adobe, announced that they stopped developing Flash for mobile devices, and a more advanced web technology, HTML 5.0, has been introduced recently. However, while most websites developers starts moving on to HTML 5.0 or PHP, there are still many sites that have a large amount of Flash-only content. For example, Facebook, with over five hundred millions users all over the world, currently is one of the most popular websites that still uses Flash. Flash may be on its last legs, but it seems to be that Facebook is doing a great job to keep Adobe’s plug-in alive. read more...

OnLive is almost where it needs to be. {2}

by George A

OnLive is a cloud based gaming service. The company uses emulation on their hardware to provide games that are streamed to your computer’s web browser. This allows people who normally don’t own computers with good enough hardware to run games that have very high graphics. This is also an option for someone running Mac OS X. The user accesses the OnLive website and then downloads a small file which opens a web browser on execution. The catalog of games is shown to them. Users can rent specific games, pay monthly, play a demo for free or purchase a game for close to the original price. The save data for their games is saved on the server so that they can pick up where they left off.  The tablet application is in development. OnLive also offers the micro console which allows users to play games via their home TV and without a need for their own computer. This is priced at £69.99 and offers an HDMI output. According to the article the service run perfectly on a 10mpbs internet speed. read more...