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Boost Up Your Database Speed to Get More Traffic on Your Website

by Tseng H. K.
The article I read this week is “Speeding Up Your Website’s Database” by Paul Tero. The author is mentioning speed is always has been big issue when we design websites. Since April 2010, Google has announced they will include website speed category on their search ranking, website speed became even more important part of all websites. Google’s threshold for being fast-loading website is 1.5 second. The author talks about from briefly what database is. Next, what problems in database causes slow down a website. Finally, the author gives lists of solution to optimize the database, from very simple technic to complex solution using technical terms. read more...

Google Has Done it Again

by Katheryn T
Does it really surprise anyone?  Google has always been a leader in innovations and thinking outside the box.  This time, they have discovered a way to super connect all their databases in real time.  The article I read spoke about how Google was able to create an accurate connection between world-wide servers. ” Today, there are many databases designed to store data across thousands of servers” (Metz, 2012).  What Google has done is come up with a way to have multiple data centers and millions of servers instead of just a few data centers with thousands of servers.  Essentially, they have installed atomic clocks, which keep real time on the atomic level, and GPS antennas on the actual servers.  The combinations of these two devices helps keep the servers in perfect timing. This new system is called Spanner and the two devices are part of their TrueTime API. This new method will help users in different parts of the world have a consistent view.  From the article, this isn’t a very expensive idea, but not everyone can implement. read more...

Sessions What is it

by Michael M
When we were doing the project this past week I heard a bit about sessions and I really did not get what it was all about so that is what I am going to do my article abut this week so I can learn a little more about what session is and what it is all about. Session is kind of like a cookie but is actually not stored on the users browser like a cookie would do. A cookie can keep a lot of information such as user name and password so when you use session it does not keep the information. It is like a token it alles access and passing of information while the user has the browser open. But once you close the browser you will lose the session and will have to re log in when you come back to the site because your information is not stored on the computer. read more...

How Data Binding Works

by Michael M
Data binding is the process that retrieves data from a given data source and associates it to attributes of the User Interface elements. Data binding gets data from the middle tier of an application and displays it in a nice looking html format. When you use data binding expressions with ASP.Net controls, behaviors are attached to the controls life cycle through the Data Binding event handlers. As developers of our web pages we have the power the trigger data binding events for individual controls or if we want to we can make it trigger all controls within the page. If you want to call for data binding you would use, <%# … %> and the data binding expression will update themselves if you do not want to call data bind, you can create a new page class that overrides the on load method. Data binding expressions can only be used with ASP.Net control markup and require you to call to the Data bind method. read more...

ASP.Net using servers

by Michael M
Microsoft Active Server Pages also known as ASP was first released in 1996 and has provided web developers with a rich and complex framework for building web applications. But since 1996 ASP has evolved greatly and has improved a lot. ASP is still known but they have now renamed it ASP.NET. It is a framework for building web applications that run over the web and client- servers are represented by a browser forwarding request. Communications over the web occur through HTTP which relies on TCP and IP to transmit data between the two nodes. ASP.Net is connected with Microsoft’s Internet Information Server also known as IIS. The Asp. Net worker process performs many task with the isapi extension and they are the main things that happen under the ASP.Net request.
This week we talked about ASP.Net in class as well as we learned some basic code that can be used for our project three. The thing that I learned in class this week is that you no longer need to use javascript in the web page the ASP.Net will take over and use its own language to process some of the users request. The thing that I took from reading this article was some of the history of ASP. ASP has evolved a lot and is kind of like a server. It connects to browsers and sends request.
I have not really dealt much with ASP. I am really interested in learning how to use it because in class this week we went over basics but the thing about Visual Basics is it is so much different and I am not used to it yet. Once I get used to using the program it will be a lot better because I will be able to do projects a lot easier. I have talked to people that understand the use of ASP and they all say it is easy once you know what to do that is why I wanted to find more information about ASP.Net.
Busoli, S. (2007, May 2). ASP.NET Internals IIS and the Process Model, Retrieved May 19, 2012, from read more...

WibiData to Analyze and Process User Data

by Alexander H
Personalization has come to the forefront in building an experience that caters to each user. This practice can seen in such major Internet shopping sites like Amazon, where the user is shown items that might interest them. The same concept is being applied to WibiData, a data management system that seeks to help companies manage and analyze complex business data about users. This in turn will allow them to predict how a user will interact with a product in the future. The concept is conceived due to the fact that many companies have trouble utilizing all their data effectively. Therefore, this system seeks to easily integrate business intelligence and database offerings. Although currently still in beta, its customer database has already doubled so far and is project to gain more traction as the years progress. read more...

Visual Basics

by Michael M
The article I read today was actually really interesting it basically went over visual basics and how it actually got started. Visual basics was created by Microsoft by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz. It was a program that was a great design and one that really tied Microsoft up into the computers. It was a program that  was created to make writing programs easier for users. It was one of the most widely used softwares at one point. Microsoft has been moving to a more powerful software that was redesigned and created in 2005 it is the .net. It may be one of Microsofts mistakes because they are forcing users that are so prone to using their old software to change and learn the .net program because they are no longer going to support the old one. Users are beginning to either switch over to the .net while other users are switching to different companies because if they have to adapt to change they might as well learn something new. The cool thing about visual basic is it allows users to build what they want and draw which the part of why it is called visual. Some people say that visual basic helps people that cannot program but that is not true because if you can program this tool can help make your programs that much better because it can help you out while you program. Visual basics is object oriented and also allows for inheritance with the .net version. Prior versions did not support that. read more...

Amazon’s SimpleDB vs. Google’s Bigtable

by Ronny W
As technology grows each day, there are more and more people that are connected with the world. More and more people depend on being connected with the world. “Cloud Computing can be defined as a service or a platform, or an operating system over the Internet to perform tasks. Database has become a part and parcel of life and is being used in almost every computer application” (Ramanathan, 2001). The article talks about Amazon’s SimpleDB and Google’s Bigtable. It talked about the services each provide. Also it talked about the architecture, advantages, and its limitations of these two cloud database. Overall there isn’t one that is better than the other, it all depends on the needs of the user. read more...

JavaScript on the Web

by Michael M
Baciacally this week I learned a little more about java script and how it actually works. There are many different parts to java script that I didn’t even know about. Like I did not know that java script is actually not written just like you would java. There is some variation. There are many different things that need to be taken into account when you use java script in your web pages because you cannot use java script so store anything it can just check and see if there is information in required fields if there is not it can shoot you an error message and you have to do what it wants before it uses your information and places it into some type of database. I also learned that java script is not all that secure people can do things to the code to get access to your information so its not really that great to use. I found that kind of interesting because there are times that we are on sites and believe they are safe but they may not be safe at all. Your information can be sent to their e-mail address in some instances and never placed into a database. That is what I think was kind of interesting about reading this article this week. read more...

Google Analysis Concludes 20,000+ Sites Infected with Malicious Javascript Code

by Vincent S
Last week I blogged about how hackers have come up with a new simple technique for injecting javascript malware into sites in a manner that will avoid virus detection from anti-virus programs.  This week I am writing a follow-up article about a recent statement made by Google about the frequency of these kinds of attacks.  Google performed a recent survey on sites across the web to determine just how many are infected with malicious javascript, particularly javascript injected through several pieces to avoid detection.  They concluded that at least 20,000+ sites that they surveyed are infected in this manner (not surprising considering how many sites are on the web overall).  Further analysis traced a certain function “eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)” that is commonly found within the sites infected.  Google has warned those infected sites through blogs to check their sites for this function in order to correct the issue.
Again, through this we can see the dangers of Internet malware.  However, not just as web users, but as web developers who want to make sure our developed sites do not become victim to malicious coders.  The reason I believe that Google performs these analyses is to possible exclude infected sites from Google searches to safeguard users.  In pass cases, Google has been known to exclude whole domains based on the fact that sites with that certain domain extension are constantly infecting users.  In order to provide the best experience possible for users, Google consistently performs these checks to protect us, its customers. read more...