Wikidata, A Semantic Database {3}

by Chris S
In this article, Wikimedia recently announced a new project of theirs called Wikidata. This is suppose to be a new database of information that can be read and edited but people and machines. One of the main goals of Wikidata is the development of an actual semantic, machine-readable database. The German Chapter of Wikimedia is handling the initial project with an estimated completion date of March 2013. There are three phases in the development to Wikidata. The first one is basically creating a Wikidata page for every single Wikipedia entry spanning over Wikipedia’s 280 supported languages. Phase two consists of user editors being able to use, and add data to the project. The last phase is suppose to allow for automatic creation of charts and lists going off of the data in Wikidata. This can then be populated into Wikipedia pages. If all goes according to plan, the new database of knowledge readable by people and machines alike will be created. read more...

Everyone is making their transition to HTML 5 {Comments Off on Everyone is making their transition to HTML 5}

by Daniel S
The technology world is always ready for an upgrade, and HTML is definitely an upgrade compared to Flash, a video streaming option. Flash has been known to eat up a lot of processing power and battery life to stream video. Apple has been one of the first companies to fully commit and support HTML 5 and do everything it can to make the full transition to HTML 5. Although all evidence points to HTML 5 being apparent heir to replacing Flash, statistics still show that about 35% of the internet market is still using Internet Explorer, that still needs Flash to playback video. Mozilla and Google Chrome has already made the transition to HTML 5 video. However the real benefit of HTML 5 will be applied to mobile technology, but android phone still support Flash video, but Google has recently come out with a statement saying that future phones will not have any Flash plug-ins. It is only a matter of time when HTML 5 will completely replace Flash for any video streaming options. read more...

Google web analytics {2}

by Quoc L
Web analytic is a important aspect part of creating a websites. So Google improve their web analytic program to accurately display the correct information. Social Value visualization, help us visualize the the the value that social media is giving to the site. Google analytic also enable the user to create social plugin for there site and track how much traffic it generate. Lastly, it display how each visitors interact with the website content, were it positive or not. read more...

What is Web Analytics {2}

by Jasmine C
The article I read about talked about web analytics and how it is the process people use to gather statistics about how their website is used.  This kind of tool can help a person understand their users which can then help them decide what their users want/need. To find out more about what the users think, one way that their feedback can be documented is with surveys, like surveymonkey. The article then goes on to talk about web analytic tools, like Google Analytics, Coremetircs, WebTrends, etc. Google Analytics came out in 2006 and has been doing well ever since it’s release.  The article also stated that if you are using analytics, then you should have a privacy policy that states what personal data they may be providing upon request, what information could possible be collected without their knowledge, how the company may use this information, etc. This way, users have an idea of what kind of information will be gathered from them. If along the line they want to get out of the analytics program, they should be able to. Google analytics  has good privacy policies in that they are “clear, direct, and intentional” (Marek 8). read more...

Designers coveted by Silicon Valley {Comments Off on Designers coveted by Silicon Valley}

by CyberChic
In the article, Segall explains the current head hunting trends of technology companies. Their business strategy has turned to creating intuitive applications in order to gain customers. To achieve their goal, they need interface designers and information architects or basically web designers with a little bit of programming, database and information management (handsome_bigfella, 10/07). Among the technology companies mentioned were Google and Facebook and since the demand out weighs the supply they have turned to the age old tactic of buying small companies, not for their product or service but for their technical personnel. This is called acq-hires. read more...

New Google Overhaul To Bring Web into Next Generation. {3}

by Vincent S
Just when many of us thought that the Google search engine could not ever improve itself, Google announced that is exactly what it is going to attempt.  As all of us have used Google, I am sure that we have all noticed that using a typical Google search returns links based on key words that we typed in.  However, as certain questions get more complex, simply typing in key words does not always return desired results.  Instead, many times Google returns irrelevant links that do not answer a particular question.  Google has announced in order to improve internet optimization, they will design a new search engine that can understand the words being typed in order to give a specific answer.  Google has not mentioned much on the technology that will be using in order to make this possible other then that it will involve algorithms.  Not so much as a launch date has been announced.  However, they have began raising awareness of their upcoming product. read more...

Megaupload Cloud Data {3}

by Mike Y

Dvorak’s article talks about the seizure of Megaupload’s domain and website by the U.S. government and the negative effects to the movement of cloud computing. The data in the servers still exist but is planned to be deleted but has not yet happened as of March, 23, according to Information Week. The problem, stated by Dvorak, is that there were 50 million users held by Megaupload and contacting every single one of them would be impossible. The reason this is so bad for cloud computing is because it create uncertainty in the objective of cloud based services. It would not be used if any cloud based service could be taken down or deleted on the federal government’s wim. Cloud computing is relevant to our class because it is the current trend in the IT industry and web based services. Currently, there is a site for social networking, one for pictures, another for video, and many other sites to fill consumer needs. Eventually, it will be condensed to one single site in the place where it used to take many sites to fulfill user needs. As hardware becomes more powerful and less expensive, websites can charge for premium services or even be free. As the features of websites increase, so will the competition between websites offering similar services. I believe cloud computing is the future. At first I was skeptical of the services and had many questions. How reliable is it? How much down time? How long will my data be there? My mind was completely changed when I used Google Docs. In an age where individuals have multiple points of online access, the convenience cloud based services is almost a requirement. Having a single access point for files is very user friendly. There is no need to need to make sure every laptop, phone, or desktop has all the same and updates files; it’s all in one place. Of course, secondary and local backups should be made for important files as no service is 100% is reliability.

Dvorak, J. (2012, Janu 30). Megaupload equals mega fail for cloud computing. PC Magazine, Retrieved from,2817,2399578,00.asp

Schwartz, M. (2012, Marc 23). Megaupload host wants to delete data. Information Week, Retrieved from read more...

Cloud Computing {1}

by Michael M
Today we are entering a age where technology is changing all of the time and is changing rapidly. We always have a computer at the tips our fingers with our smart phones, laptops, and even our tablets. With all of this changing technology we need to chage the way we store our data so it can be accessable to us anytime anywhere and even on any computer. That technology is now here and is becoming popuar for everyone within the business world and even for resedential use. This new technology is known as cloud computing. It allows you to have all of your data on
all of your computers allowing you to make updates and will allow you to store the data back to the cloud so you can access it later. Apple is one company that is using cloud computing. It will allow people to store all of their music and pictures on the cloud and can be accessed using a apple device. Apple will give 5 gb of space to people to use on their server. read more...

Google Drive and the Cloud Wars {1}

by Tyler K
According to popular rumors, Google is at it again; co-founder/CEO Aaron Levie reports at on the possibility of Google finally introducing the long-anticipated Cloud storage system (referred to as Google Drive), to the dismay of all current and future competitors in the field. Levie says it best, “Drive’s arrival was meant to instantly commoditize existing offerings, kill all future opportunity for new players…as it battled Microsoft and Apple for control of our online lives and content” (Levie, 2012). Essentially, the writer outlines how there has been anticipation for Google’s entry into cloud computing for nearly 6 years, and now may finally be the time. The author also goes on to explain how Google Chrome and Google Docs may have revealed that while cloud-based applications are certainly innovative and useful for some, professionals and individuals still relied on more conventional software (i.e. Microsoft Office) – a revelation that may have pushed Drive back on Google’s list of projects. However, in recent times, it is plausible that the combination of growing popularity in smaller organizations successfully garnering a large audience of Cloud storage users (companies that include the author’s own, as well as “…the competition between Android and iOS…(that) brought it back from the dead,” (Levie, 2012). The final section of the article goes on to describe the future of cloud computing, foreseeing a “fractured” cloud, where the larger companies, with their collective hundreds of billions of dollars all compete for the majority of information storage – a battle where the victor is impossible to currently determine. read more...

Recent Price Cuts in Cloud Computing Services {5}

by Vincent S
In recent weeks, the three major players in cloud computing services have all announced price cuts to their more basic service packages.  Google, Amazon, and now Microsoft have all announced a coming price drop in their online data storage services.  Most analysts in the industry speculate that the reason for dropping prices is to attract new businesses to convert to a cloud computing setup.  Although many new businesses have switched to cloud computing services, many companies with legacy systems continue to avoid conversion to the cloud.  As stated in PC World magazine, David Linthicum, CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, does actually agree that cloud computing is always the cheapest solution.  His belief is joined by many other experts in the field who argue that legacy systems have the advantage of using software and hardware solutions that can substitute for cloud services.  By avoiding the strict licensing terms of cloud services, businesses can in some circumstances save money by avoiding the cloud.
For me, this article reaffirmed what I already believed.  Cloud services are amazing and of course represent the shift of technology in this century.  However, it has not yet reached the point of complete feasibility.  There still exist many situations in which cloud computing may not be the best solution for your business.  I know that one day cloud services will completely take over and leave no other solution.  But in the mean time, companies that are providing cloud services have to raise awareness and compete with non cloud solutions.  At this point, they do not have total market penetration and these recent price drops show their attempts to expand the market.  I will even go as far as to say that their recent price drops are part of bigger plan to create the illusion that cloud computing is the absolute cheapest and easiest solution which is still not yet true.  The reality is that cloud computing can be very expensive, despite that, it is a growing trend that will dictate the technology of the future. read more...