Competition in the World of Analytics

by Andrew N

Competition in the World of Analytic

Google has outdone many of its competition, but now they have also come to par with the analytics component. Google launched its analytic tool back in 2005 but it had not been up to par with other companies such as Chartbeat that launched in 2009 or Webtrends. Google has introduced their new Real-Time tool which eliminates the data lag that they once had. Unlike their competition Google offers their tool for free which is a benefit to using it. Although, they do offer a premium service with includes larger websites, more data collection and service support in which can be comparable to Chartbeat who charges ten dollars a month. read more...

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Internet Capacity, Network Traffic and Net Neutrality

by Marco M
“Internet Capacity, Network Traffic
And Net Neutrality”

Some of the challenges facing the Internet, users and providers, are the ability to improve and expand the current infrastructure. Studies have shown that the Internet is reaching a critical point where demand is out pacing supply; consequently, the service providers need to work harder and quicker to keep-up with Internet growth by implementing faster and more efficient equipment, such as routers and fiber optics just to mention a few, so Internet traffic can continue to flow adequately. Another very important issue, right now, is Net Neutrality; this concerns Internet usage for individuals and organizations of all types, “In 2007, Comcast tried to control traffic over their network”; however, “The Federal Communications commission (FCC), by a 3-2 vote, determined that the move by Comcast was illegal”. Large service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Google, amongst others, are trying to unilaterally decide who they want to give preferential content treatment, just as Comcast did in 2007, therefore, that those companies would give traffic priority to those companies who pay more to the Service Providers and as a result of that practice, consumers would be force to limited choices and false advertisement. read more...

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