HTML 5 a Plug in Free Video and Audio

by Tuyen H

In the article “HTML 5  Starts Looking Real,” Cherny writes about how HTML 5 replaces plug in features such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun Java FX. The first version on HTML was developed by Tim Barners Lee in 1991 based on hypertext linking of pages. Today, we are using XHTML and HTML version 5 which includes WHATWG and W3C. The HTML 5 includes many new tags such as nav, header, section, aside, and footer, and more.  Those new tags allow web developers to create their websites many new features. According to Cherny, HTML 5 allows web developers use follow features: read more...

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Starting Early

by Chris S
Few students code before college. Many coding classes in high schools end up being a class on learning to “drag and drop” parts of code. Half Moon Bay High School is going above and beyond that, however, as they are now offering a third period class on HTML. In this class students are learning to code on the text based level, having to put in their own end tags, paragraph sections, and more. The students have been so enthusiastic about learning this useful skill that they are most likely going to have twice as many sections in it next year, as well as an animation class. read more...

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