Project Management in Virtual Teams

by Kevin F

In the scope of most corporate IT departments, one will find a plethora of projects that are being proposed, currently in progress, and being monitored for their ROI.  This is due to the fact that IT system design and implementation is unique to the needs and priorities of each situation.  As a result, PM, or project management, is an essential skill for anyone who is considering a career in IT.  The emergence of an increasing number of virtual team environments challenges the traditional PM approach, which has initiated an array of new research projects aimed at addressing this issue. read more...

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Database Security, Secerno Solutions

by Palek S

Database Security (IT’s biggest problem)

            The author of this article, a security guru and managing director of UK company NGS David Litchfield, discusses database security and IT’s biggest problem by referencing the Black Hat conference where he exposed over 20 vulnerabilities in IBMs Informix database products. In this presentation I will discuss the top two most prevalent areas of weaknesses in database and new technology introduced as Secerno to supplement data security offerings and protect against hackers and data breaches. read more...

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Big Data = Big Spending

by Leonardo S
The article I chose for this week is titled “Big Data Drives Big IT Spending” by Kevin Fogarty. As you may have already guessed, the focus of the article is about the predicted amount of spending needed to keep up with the demands of big data. According to a Gartner study, half of all IT resources well be spent in order to update or create complex infrastructures. The report predicts that worldwide IT spending will total up to $28 billion in 2012 and up to $34 billion in 2013. This spending will cover the adding of more storage, new databases, and new servers. The article also talks about a different study that comes from IBM and the University of Oxford. Their reports are that much of current IT spending is focused on obtaining and analyzing data from a variety of sources. Both studies ultimately come to the same conclusion, that big data requires big spending. read more...

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Changing The IT Playing Field

by Anthony T
Interestingly enough construction companies are seeing and contributing to the change in the field of IT. Data centers being built today, according to Mortensen Construction executives, are at a much larger scale than they once were. One particular data center worth mentioning is the Switch which boasts 400,000 square ft. It’s size allows many different cloud providers to run their operations inside this enormous data center. Software development companies, such as Smith Electrical Vehicles, which process large amounts of data are becoming aware of the computer capacity of the new age data centers. Traditional IT infrastructures can no longer handle the needs of companies like Smith Electrical Vehicles which is why data centers like the Switch are becoming more and more popular. This trend of large scale data centers is directly related to the growing needs of enterprises in terms of computing.
A common topic both in this article and in this weeks lecture was database schema. The article mentions that companies have had to design their schema by means of schema redesign and sharding to enhance application performance. The concept of sharding really grabbed my attention. Turns out this concept refers to process in which you can break your database down into small pieces and then send it to multiple servers.
Having read this article I now understand one of the major trends that is happening in the field of Information Technology. As an IT undergrad I feel that articles like this one are very useful in helping students like myself understand that in order to be successful in this field we must also be aware of how the industry is shifting away from traditional corporate environments. read more...

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Cloud computing creating jobs

by Ricardo C
Cloud computing is a great option for business since it alleviates the cost of IT. A recent study by Microsoft shows that cloud computing is important for job creation, especially in the banking industry because cloud-based IT innovations take the burden of application maintenance off of IT staff, so they can allocate the resources and applied them to more critical projects within the organization and innovate and create jobs in other areas such as sales, finance, production and marketing. The study says that companies spend on average 7% of their total costs in IT, the banking industry spending the most with 14% of its total costs. The study demonstrates that cloud computing’s goal is to drive this percentage down. read more...

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Cloud Computing and IT

by Joe C

Cloud computing is making it easier for start up companies to take off as businesses can pay for the exact processing power they need. The rise of cloud computing is changing the IT market in that less IT positions will be needed, but instead businesses will be looking for desired skill sets. In particular, emerging skills include data mining, web analytics and statistics, and business intelligence. Computer science is constantly changing so students are slowly being taught to specialize in certain fields when they get out of college. Of course, they are taught the basics such as javascript and flash so they can at least start figuring out what to do when thrown in any direction. There are benefits of both generalization and specialization. In small companies, you will be the IT guy everybody goes to so you will need a decent understanding of everything. As with bigger companies, cloud computing is allowing companies to go process very detailed and advanced techniques so you will have to be able to handle advanced concepts and scaling. Overall, with all these emerging changes, the best type of employee that employers will want to hire are those who can easily change and adapt to these volatile conditions. read more...

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