Java Script

Hackers get smarter with Javascript {5}

by Ermie C
This article is about security researchers from ESET are detecting new ways on how new Malware is being inserted into websites. This was discovered in a Russian web space and was really found unexpectedly through the use of mouse cursor movement. However, they reveal that this isn’t a regular attack anymore to just make a program that redirects and installs a program automatically unto a user’s computer, this is actually a rogue js code that installs itself in the head tag in an html page. This makes it so that it’s harder to find. Now that because more and more developers are using JS for their websites, it’s becoming a more common thing to learn and manipulate. A hacker’s use of the mouse movement program to is evade the purpose of web crawlers that companies use for security to detect malware. The researchers in ESET seem impressed because programmers are getting more “proactive” in changing up their game plan to infect user computers. read more...

Java Script and Mobile Devices {3}

by Jorge R
The topic of my article this week talks about how desktops have a desktop manager that runs an operating system and can, “…install, delete and execute application programs”. The issue arises that mobile devices such as IPhones and android devices also have a desktop manager with an operating system, but they differ from the desktop platforms. Depending on the manufacturer and model each one can differ greatly from one another. A way to make these applications run on these mobile devices is to port the source code into their operating system. This causes issues because it is hard to reuse the source code made for desktop applications and apply it to mobile devices. One of the solutions brought up in the article is to use Java Script to combat the issue. This is a good alternative because most mobile devices come preinstalled with web browsers which are able to run Java Script. There is one problem by using Java Script as an alternative and that is that the user needs to install Java Virtual Machine in order to run the web applications. Some users may opt out from installing JVM for various reasons. What makes these issues hard to solve is the fact that there is no standard operating systems for mobile web devices. This makes it close to impossible to reuse the source code without manipulating it. For the time being these are the best options to cater to both desktop user and mobile device users. read more...