Apple ditches Java programs {Comments Off on Apple ditches Java programs}

by Boshi W
This article I read on talks about apples bold move on rejecting any java apps from there iOS app store. Apple announced that java related apps will no longer be approved of use in the app store. Furthermore, apps that are in demo stage, with exhibiting bugs, betas, trials, pornography, or excessive violence will continue to be rejected from the app store. Clearly, the approval process for the app store continues to be strict. The reason for rejecting java apps is because of its unstable performance on the iphone, ipad devices. However, Mac OSX will continue to support the use of java technology. read more...

Oracle’s NoSQL {1}

by Asbed P
During last month’s OpenWorld conference, Oracle announced a slew of new technologies along with their much anticipated NoSQL database.  Finally the Oracle NoSQL is released and will also be included in Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, which will ship during the first three months of this coming year.  Oracle says their NoSQL database is targeted towards “customers who are acquiring massive amounts of data who are unsure about the schema, who want more fluid capture of the data,” says Marie-Anne Neimat, the vice president of Oracle’s database development.  The database is a Java version of the Berkeley database, which is an open source database developed by UC Berkeley that is commonly used in embedded systems.  Although NoSQL can’t do highly structured queries like other SQL based datases could, the database doesn’t require a fixed schema, so users can add new information as columns as the need rises. read more...

Hot Potato One, Hot Tomato None {Comments Off on Hot Potato One, Hot Tomato None}

by James C

Now consider the programs of choice developers are using scripting languages for Web development and applications. The old days of using scripting languages for quick patch solutions is now thought of as having a badge of honor for having done so. Used for real programming today, scripting languages have been incorporated into large scale projects. These programs include, but are not limited to, ActionScript, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Scala, Ruby, R, PHP, and Java. The rest of the article reviews what scripting languages are hot (JavaScript, Python, Scala, R, PHP) and which are not (ActionScript, Perl, Ruby) and the reasons why. read more...

Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner {Comments Off on Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner}

by Marco M
“Some developers must be masochists”

Microsoft is becoming the latest software development company to fully embrace HTML5 and JavaScript. Microsoft has set its focus on

implementing both in their new version of Windows, and Office Suite and Office 365. By making this announcement, Microsoft has acknowledged that VBA is a lousy scripting language and it is replacing it with a more powerful and widely accessible and acceptable script. The article also mentioned that VB6 was an inferior programming language that Microsoft stopped supporting in 2008. So it makes sense that Microsoft would stop supporting VBA, which is cumbersome to use and whose syntax is unclear sense. JavaScript on the other hand, runs almost everywhere, from mobile devises to desktops, to web servers, in fact, JavaScript is perhaps the most popular scripting language on the web and if Microsoft makes JavaScript the preferred scripting for Windows, it would be a valuable tool for developers and users alike. read more...

JavaScript … toy? {Comments Off on JavaScript … toy?}

by Wei C

Some people around the world is treating JavaScript as toy language and not taking them seriously. However, the author has stated that it is a powerful programming language which combines the features from all others. JavaScript are wildly used on the web2.0 applications. In addition, author also stated that the JavaScript is already on the top ten of the programming languages. The features and the benefits of each different language are often being discussed. In the web environment, most of the applications rely on the JavaScript to perform well. Base on the thoughts from the author, JavaScript has the problem in performance when it first came out just like all other programming languages in the history. In the conclusion, JavaScript is still struggling in the performance since it wasn’t out for a long time yet. However, it will be improving into the top programming language instead of being treated as toy language. As authors mentioned on the topic, it is time to get seriously on the JavaScript. read more...

Oracle talks about Fusion Applications and their new Public Cloud {2}

by Asbed P
Like I mentioned last week, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CEO, announced many new products during Oracle’s OpenWorld conference’s opening Keynote including applications, database software, a new public cloud, and hardware for both databases and analytics.  In the following days Ellison went into greater detail about their new Fusion Applications and also talked about the new Oracle Public Cloud and why it’s going to be one of the better clouds available in the market.  First of all, Ellison announced the general availability of Oracle Fusion Applications, which includes many new tools, and talked about how it will modernize existing applications like PeopleSoft, Seibel, Hyperion, and their own E-Business Suite.  Ellison said the result is over 100 products “all rewritten on top of modern technology” during the past six years.  He also revealed that these applications are designed to run either on local servers or in the cloud.  He also mentions that the platform will run industry standard middleware and languages, specifically Java and BPEL, and that Oracle has built their security into the Middleware and not the applications allowing all applications to run securely including customer made apps or extensions to basic Oracle apps.  The cloud that these apps will run on is called the Oracle Public Cloud, which is built on industry standards and can work with other clouds and local data centers.  The cloud has layers of databases, Java, data, and security services with the apps, once again including custer made apps and extensions. read more...