The Microsoft Approach {Comments Off on The Microsoft Approach}

by Andrew N

The Microsoft Approach

Microsoft has had two brief demonstrations on the new Windows 8 live tile touch-based platform and have gotten developers all rowdy. They have demonstrated the platform and how it is going to work but have not emphasized anything on the application development which has SilverLight and .NET developers worried. They have said to be moving towards the HTML 5 and Java script market and focusing more on that, but many developers are concerned about the previous concepts becoming ancient history. Some developers are taking this as terrible news and some are just confused because Microsoft has yet to announce or answer any questions concerning developers roles and structure to this new platform. All that they know for now is that HTML 5 and JavaScript are to play a bigger role in this new up and coming platform. Windows 8 is said to be released sometime in 2012, but there is no exact date on that yet. read more...

JavaScript Enhanced {Comments Off on JavaScript Enhanced}

by Joeydes M

This article talks about four major benefits of using JavaScript in web development. First, the inexpensive way of developing in JavaScript and the fact that all you need is notepad essentially to develop working and usable code. Second, it talks about the server side appeal and how you can effectively interact with JAVA and a database engine fairly easily and efficiently. Third, the author boasts about the implementation of JavaScript already on major sites, like Facebook and Netflix. These sites have enormous functionality and a massive audience which is why they need appealing and efficient sites. Lastly, the ability to develop code and link it to your page is attractive. People can make changes to the entire site only having to modify code in one place. This is also a common practice with CSS. Also, the author talks about the effect JavaScript has on the client side scripting and interaction, User Experience. read more...

Apple ditches Java programs {Comments Off on Apple ditches Java programs}

by Boshi W
This article I read on talks about apples bold move on rejecting any java apps from there iOS app store. Apple announced that java related apps will no longer be approved of use in the app store. Furthermore, apps that are in demo stage, with exhibiting bugs, betas, trials, pornography, or excessive violence will continue to be rejected from the app store. Clearly, the approval process for the app store continues to be strict. The reason for rejecting java apps is because of its unstable performance on the iphone, ipad devices. However, Mac OSX will continue to support the use of java technology. read more...

“JavaScript – I choose you!” {Comments Off on “JavaScript – I choose you!”}

by Omar N.

The article I read basically talks about the benefits of using scripting languages over programming languages for creating an application. In particular, the author feels that JavaScript is a powerful tool  that has not been utilized to its full potential. It is explained that JavaScript is perceived as more of a toy than a serious coding language amongst the industry, possibly due to it being easier to write a program in and the need to compile and interpret at runtime to function. Past times of when an immature compiler technique and a system’s hardware limitation prohibited the complexity of an application written in JavaScript has been overcome in recent years. The author feels that JavaScript now deserves more consideration as the language of choice when writing a program for use outside of the browser. read more...

Google’s Dart {1}

by Chris S
Recently Google announced one of their new projects, Dart. This new language aims to eventually replace Javascript, which Google believes is flawed, and is in dire need of improvement. Their main target with their new language are the iOS devices, like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Dart is unique in the fact that it has the ability to run as another language, rather than just natively. A developer has the option of compiling their dart app as a javascript file, meaning that future dart programs can run on today’s javascript. read more...

Sencha’s Cloud Service {Comments Off on Sencha’s Cloud Service}

by Luis F
The article is about a JavaScript framework provider, Sencha, releasing a beta mobile cloud service called  It provides four different services, login, data, messages, and deployment. allows developers to create “shared experiences” over a browser with a few lines of JavaScript code to store data, send and listen for messages, deploy apps, or login users via Facebook or Twitter.  The service is outlined from the article as: read more...

JavaScript Causes Security Concerns {Comments Off on JavaScript Causes Security Concerns}

by Jonathan F

Websites have become more interactive thanks to JavaScript, but many are concerned that this scripting language can cause so security issues. Web 2.0 has allowed Websites to create a better user experience, and JavaScript takes advantage of this. Malicious JavaScript and Web site security flaws can lead to a security attack. JavaScript is a scripting programming language that was created in 1995 and is best known for its use in Web sites. Although the name has Java in it, it is not the same as Sun Microsystems’ Java .Now with Web 2.0 Web sites have become more interactive and a programming technique called AJAX has introduced more JavaScript in Web sites. David Wagner a computer science professor at the University of California Berkeley, said that JavaScript creates a major disaster because of its can be used in malicious ways. There have been a number of worms that have been created using JavaScript. A malicious script could be embedded in a Web pages and run on their own without the user even knowing. Malicious script could even be placed in Web sites through a flaw know as cross-site scripting. The best way to avoid malicious JavaScript is to disable JavaScript on your browser; the only problem with this is that a lot of Web- Sites won’t run correctly with JavaScript disabled. It is the responsibility of Web site operators to validate the JavaScript they use and try to avoid cross-site scripting. Malicious JavaScript has been around for a while but it has not been a major security until recently because of Web 2.0 and AJAX have made JavaScript a popular language to create interactive Web pages. read more...

Hot Potato One, Hot Tomato None {Comments Off on Hot Potato One, Hot Tomato None}

by James C

Now consider the programs of choice developers are using scripting languages for Web development and applications. The old days of using scripting languages for quick patch solutions is now thought of as having a badge of honor for having done so. Used for real programming today, scripting languages have been incorporated into large scale projects. These programs include, but are not limited to, ActionScript, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Scala, Ruby, R, PHP, and Java. The rest of the article reviews what scripting languages are hot (JavaScript, Python, Scala, R, PHP) and which are not (ActionScript, Perl, Ruby) and the reasons why. read more...

Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner {Comments Off on Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner}

by Marco M
“Some developers must be masochists”

Microsoft is becoming the latest software development company to fully embrace HTML5 and JavaScript. Microsoft has set its focus on

implementing both in their new version of Windows, and Office Suite and Office 365. By making this announcement, Microsoft has acknowledged that VBA is a lousy scripting language and it is replacing it with a more powerful and widely accessible and acceptable script. The article also mentioned that VB6 was an inferior programming language that Microsoft stopped supporting in 2008. So it makes sense that Microsoft would stop supporting VBA, which is cumbersome to use and whose syntax is unclear sense. JavaScript on the other hand, runs almost everywhere, from mobile devises to desktops, to web servers, in fact, JavaScript is perhaps the most popular scripting language on the web and if Microsoft makes JavaScript the preferred scripting for Windows, it would be a valuable tool for developers and users alike. read more...

JavaScript … toy? {Comments Off on JavaScript … toy?}

by Wei C

Some people around the world is treating JavaScript as toy language and not taking them seriously. However, the author has stated that it is a powerful programming language which combines the features from all others. JavaScript are wildly used on the web2.0 applications. In addition, author also stated that the JavaScript is already on the top ten of the programming languages. The features and the benefits of each different language are often being discussed. In the web environment, most of the applications rely on the JavaScript to perform well. Base on the thoughts from the author, JavaScript has the problem in performance when it first came out just like all other programming languages in the history. In the conclusion, JavaScript is still struggling in the performance since it wasn’t out for a long time yet. However, it will be improving into the top programming language instead of being treated as toy language. As authors mentioned on the topic, it is time to get seriously on the JavaScript. read more...