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JavaScript, the Ugly Duckling?

by Calvin M
JavaScript has always been seen as an “ugly duckling” of web development because of the negatives that JavaScript has. Since Web 2.0 has taken over website design, Holger Kienle believes that JavaScript well benefit web developers the most because of the complexity of most Web 2.0 websites. Since there are more web applications starting to take over desktop applications, JavaScript is used to create programs that execute faster. Web browsers JavaScript support needs to be on par with the latest developments because all the web applications developed with JavaScript will rely on these browsers. There are plenty of tools, such as Google Web Toolkit, that can translate your JAVA code into JavaScript, which allows developers to create code faster and more efficiently. Though JavaScript is always buggy, and not the best coding language, the author of this article believes that JavaScript will be a front runner in developing Web 2.0 sites. read more...