Kimball Style

Data Warehousing: Inmon Style and Kimball Style {2}

by Leonardo S
The article I chose for this week is titled “Best Practices in Data Warehousing to Support Business Initiatives and Needs”. The article talks about two different styles used in data warehousing and lists when you would use one versus the other. The first style is the “Bill Inmon Style” which uses a top-down approach. In contrast, the “Ralph Kimball Style” uses a bottom-up approach. The article uses a major U.S. retail company as an example. This company uses the Inmon style simply because it is what fits well for that particular business. This style of data warehousing demands that you have a third-normal form relational format for your data. The Kimball style, on the other hand, requires that you use a multidimensional style arrangement. In the case of this retail company, the application neutral aspect of the Inmon style made it an easy pick. read more...