Microsoft 2008 SQL Server R2

Zoomix in your SQL software. {1}

by Kevin Q
My article was about Microsoft acquiring Zoomix, which was a small company based out of Jerusalem. Zoomix is known for there accelerator data-quality technology. Microsoft plans to use the data-quality technology within its future releases of SQL Server Database Software. According to Zoomix’s website, “Accelerator software combines semantic and linguistic analysis with machine learning to classify, match and standardize complex corporate data.”(Montabalno) The Zoomix team will join Microsoft at the Isreali headquarters to help integrate their technology. This software technology will help ensure that, while data mining through multiple system , you will be returned with the most accurate data. Vendors have recently startede to integrate data-quality cpapbility in their database softwares, and microsoft recognizes its importance as well. Microsoft plans to add this feature in order to keep up with competing software products, as well as bring a nice feature to an already widely used software. read more...

New Software… New Possibilities? {2}

by Evin C
Having only been working on Microsft SQL Server R2 2008, we have very limited exposure to other types of software available to users. The article I have chosen is actually bringing new software to us in the form of Microsft SQL Server 2012. Global Knowledge, a worldwide leader in IT and business training, recently announced in February that they will be offering five training courses for Microsft SQL Server 2012. In the five-day long courses, “students will work with the beta version of pre-released SQL Sefver 2012 software and complete many SQL Azure-enabled lab exercises.” These students will be gaining the know-how to maintain a SQL Server 2012 database, including certain backup strategies, collaboration with SQL Server Agent and even some troubleshooting methods. The opportunity to go to these courses will give you the ability to master querying and basic design with this new database software. Considering it is still in the beta, there is a still a long way to go before full implementation. read more...

SQL Server R2 2009 Update: Code Name Kilimanjaro {Comments Off on SQL Server R2 2009 Update: Code Name Kilimanjaro}

by Evin C
This week I have chosen another peer-reviewed article discussing new business intelligence (BI) functionality and management features that will be or has been implemented into SQL already. Referring to the “mini-release” as code name Kilimanjaro, this release has the potential to really innovate the way businesses apporach SQL and it’s DBMS capabilities. Some of the features of this update include three exciting new features: self-service analysis, self-service reporting and Master Data Services. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) allows the user from their desktop to “access, manipulate and report against managed and unmanaged data sets, including large data sets.” This allows for more freedom for information workers (IW’s) and also improves the efficiency of the IT departments in any organization. “For IT, Gemini helps keep core data secure, while freeing IT from having to spend a lot of time addressing ad hoc user requests. IT pros have the tools to manage shared Gemini solutions— including data refresh, model security, and resource utilization—and can enhance the model as more and more workers use it.” read more...

Microsoft 2008 SQL Server R2 Features {3}

by Antonio M
This author talks about the introduction of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.
He says that SQL Server 2008 relies heavily on integration with Office
2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. One of the new features that comes with
SQL Server 2008 is a PowerPivot Tool. This will allow employees to
get large amount of data on spreadsheets in excel and put into
information that can be shown graphically through the use of graphs or
charts. The author also mentions how combining PowerPivot with SharePoint
workers will be able to share there analysis tools that they have prepared
with other workers through out there organization. Whats also cool is
workers in an organization can share there PowerPivot workbooks with
co-workers whose machines dont have Microsoft Office installed at all.
Another great feature that comes with SQL Server 2008 is the ReportBuilder 3.0
Application. This application is very similar to Excel 2010 and this application
will allow a user to display data in the form of a Report and show data through
the use of graphs and charts. One last nice feature that comes with SQL Server
2008 is the ability to Manage and monitor the user of multiple database
applications. This new ability can show usage charts in days,weeks,
months and even years.