Coming Soon to a Business Near You: Microsoft SQL Server 2012! {4}

by Jongwoo Y

“The biggest improvement is that it’s been infused with a set of new features designed to handle larger workloads — whether on premises or in the cloud.”(Preimesberger, 2012)

This is definitely exciting news for the IT sector as the database programs are constantly evolving with the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This new release will be able to help businesses become more efficient in their practices with better technology and more exciting features. Businesses will be able to utilize these new features that will help with their cloud technology and the ability to better handle “big data”. New features of SQL Server 2012 include new storage options that will help with the analysis of large workloads (Preimesberger, 2012). For example, the new version includes an in-memory column-oriented database to improve analytics performance (Preimesberger, 2012). Microsoft actually ended up reaching out to Hortonworks, a company that created “Hadoop”, a popular cloud environment program, in order to implement an effective big data analytics feature. This will definitely help with the sales of the application, as big businesses are always in desperate need to find better ways to analyze their big data. This new Hortonworks service will enable consumers to gain relevant insights from complex data stores hosted in cloud servers by being able to merge data from SQL Server 2012, Excel, and other office applications into each other (Preimesberger, 2012). April 1st cannot come soon enough for many companies and their IT departments as database applications are becoming more efficient and filling the gaps that have been created with the rising popularity of cloud computing. read more...

Zoomix in your SQL software. {1}

by Kevin Q
My article was about Microsoft acquiring Zoomix, which was a small company based out of Jerusalem. Zoomix is known for there accelerator data-quality technology. Microsoft plans to use the data-quality technology within its future releases of SQL Server Database Software. According to Zoomix’s website, “Accelerator software combines semantic and linguistic analysis with machine learning to classify, match and standardize complex corporate data.”(Montabalno) The Zoomix team will join Microsoft at the Isreali headquarters to help integrate their technology. This software technology will help ensure that, while data mining through multiple system , you will be returned with the most accurate data. Vendors have recently startede to integrate data-quality cpapbility in their database softwares, and microsoft recognizes its importance as well. Microsoft plans to add this feature in order to keep up with competing software products, as well as bring a nice feature to an already widely used software. read more...

Enhance your website with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions {Comments Off on Enhance your website with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions}

by Shahravi
We have been learning about ASP.NET for about past two weeks. For this week;s blog, I’ve decided to talk about the article which talks about how to enhance your website with ASP.NET AJAX extensions. AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is one of the most hyped technology acronyms around. We didn’t learn much about AJAX in the class, so I’ll list some details about it here. One of the biggest advantages of AJAX is that page refreshness is minimized which allowes users to get the information they need quickly and easily through a more rich and functional interface. AJAX does this by using JavaScript and an XMLHttp object to send data asynchronously from the broweser to the web server and back. This is very useful if you have comple website. ASP.NET AJAX extensions provides developers with a simple way to add AJAX functionality into any ASP.NET website. This article is technical. read more...

Microsoft updates ASP.Net Software {Comments Off on Microsoft updates ASP.Net Software}

by Irving A
Microsoft is upgrading its ASP.Net software. It will as well be adding mobile web function capabilities in order to build web applications that load faster. Earlier this month Asp.Net MVC 4 beta was released. This new beta enables development of web applications by means of the Model View controller architectural pattern. This release is built on the beta version of Visual Studio/Net Framework 4.5 that will be released on Wednesday. Corporate vice president in Microsoft server and tools business, Scott Guthrie, blogged that the features will enable you to build web applications that will load faster and feel more responsive to users through the minimizing of number and size of the HTTP request. He adds that” ‘cache busting’ helper methods to enable proxy caching of bundle files, with automatic invalidation if cached CSS or JavaScript are changed”. ASP.Net MVC 4 includes the jQuery Mobile Web framework for the mobile web applications. It adds support for customizing which view templates are used depending on the type of device using the application either on a Smartphone or a tablet. Database migration capabilities are offered via Entity Framework 4.3, allowing for database schema evolve by using a code-focused migration approach. Another update of the ASP.Net MVC 4 is version 2 of Microsoft’s Razor view engine which includes enhancements that allow for creating view templates even cleaner and concise. Overall ‘WebSockets support built into .Net 4.5 can be leveraged also, providing richer browser-server communication’ said Guthrie. read more...

Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Embraces DevOps {Comments Off on Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Embraces DevOps}

by Bach B
Microsoft is going to release Visual Studio 2011 soon, and they aim for a better working environment for DevOps.

For anyone who does not know what DevOps is, “DevOps” is  an emerging set of principles, methods and practices for communication, collaboration and integration between software development (application/software engineering) and IT operations (systems administration/infrastructure) professionals. It has developed in response to the emerging understanding of the interdependence and importance of both the development and operations disciplines in meeting an organization’s goal of rapidly producing software products and services. In short, it means the collaboration and communication between software developers and operation personnel. read more...

Empower Your Visual Studio {2}

by Cole O’C
One of the reasons that Visual Studio 2010 is such a powerful tool is because of its ability to use custom extensions. There is a plethora of extensions already in existence. Some are ready and free to be downloaded, while others can be purchased on a per-user basis. You can even design your own extensions with the help of explanations and tutorials direct from Microsoft (get started here I found an article by Scott Hanselman, a former computer science professor and Chief Architect, in which he discusses some of the most useful Visual Studio 2010 extensions out there. He starts off with a basic extension that allows the user to edit the visual theme of the program, such as making the program look like the 2008 version. Next up is PowerCommands, which adds a collection of 25 convenient improvements to the program’s menus. Being able to copy/paste whole classes or references between projects can certainly help any developer. Pro Power Tools is the next extension he mentions, which changes the UI in big ways. It offers a lot of options to change the way your tabs are displayed and managed and, perhaps most importantly, adds a new Searchable Add Reference Dialog feature. Hanselman then talks about CodeCompare, a free tool for (surprise) comparing code that runs inside Visual Studio and integrates with many of the features already in the program. The last extension he mentions is the Tangible T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkip) Editor, which allows the user to see and color-code Visual Studio’s built in T4. Finding the right extensions for your personal needs may greatly increase your productivity, so it’s worth having a look around. read more...

Just Another Hack {7}

by Monica G
It is very common to see or hear about hackers finding new ‘vulnerabilities’ within huge corporations, therefore it is safe to say that this is just another one. Some exploit code was discovered that affected Microsoft’s ASP.NET web development platform, it was called CVE-2011-3414. This type of code apparently allows for all CPU resources to be taken from a single server, which causes for performance to be compromised to the point of denial of service. A hacker by the name of HybrisDisaster published the code online, signing “We are Legion. Expect Us.” The signature caused more public attention because those words belong to a anonymous hacktivist group. They usually use this type of attack to support their activities, which they claim is legitimate. read more...

Comparing ASP.NET with PHP {Comments Off on Comparing ASP.NET with PHP}

by Cole O’C
ASP.NET and PHP are both very powerful, widely used tools for developing dynamic web pages. It can be incredibly difficult to choose between which one to use, or if to use both via Microsoft IIS, and can change on a per-project basis. In terms of performance, ASP.NET is generally considered faster due to being compiled language as opposed to PHP’s interpreted language. That said, the most important factor of quality performance is good design and implementation. The security of the program hinges strongly on the expertise of programmers rather than the languages themselves. As for cost, it is rather hard to beat PHP’s amazingly affordable price of free. However, some commercial controls and/or libraries can be purchased for PHP, which should be taken into consideration. Hosting services are also usually cheaper for PHP due to there being more hosting providers. However, the cost of ASP.NET may be justified because you can use it in conjunction with other Microsoft products such as Visual Studio and SQL Server. In terms of ease of development, ASP.NET has a higher level of abstraction and is more object-oriented than PHP, which means that ASP.NET is more likely to produce reusable code. For further information, there are two articles at the bottom that can help a developer choose which is best for them: the article from NetroStar is concise and is what I summarized here, while the article from PerfectWebTutorials is quite verbose and comprehensive. read more...

When should you use Microsoft SQL Server over Microsoft Access {2}

by Toan T
The article talks about the benefits on when one should choose to use Microsoft SQL Server over Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is one of the few tools that many businesses use for their database needs. Its intuitive GUI and unique features have made it very easy for people to setup any database and have it running with very little time and efforts. Unfortunately, many large corporations tend to steer away from using Microsoft Access because Access does not have any high level security feature  which makes it very unreliable and hazardous when it come with dealing with sensitive data such as social security numbers, home addresses, etc. This is when SQL server is more preferred because it does exactly what Access can do whist providing many more useful features such as automatic incremental backups, secure data using Windows Active Directory Security System, databases cannot be easily duplicated and so forth. In addition, SQL Server can handle terrabytes worth of data where Access can only handle around 1 gigabyte. Even with the numerous limitations that Access has, it can still be used together with SQL Server One can simply using Access to build a user friendly front end for the database while having all the data be securely stored within SQL Server. read more...

Hyper-Consumerism at its finest {Comments Off on Hyper-Consumerism at its finest}

by Andrew N

Hyper-consumerism at its finest

A couple of months ago, Apple had released their iPhone 4S which didn’t have much of a change to it, but the new added Siri application. This was all they had to bank on due to pretty much keeping the same phone. It was a hit even from all the disappointment that came along with the phone. Apple has had quite the bit of luck with the marketing bug and has been able grab the attention of all people. On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft has had this technology of the so called “Siri” for over a year. They had release the application back in April of 2009 but received minimal attention for it just because of marketing measures. Microsoft was not surprised and did not think of Apple as any competition when Siri was released.It wasn’t a completely new idea at all but Apple did a good job of marketing it and in addition to their fan base already it hit home for them. read more...