Exit the WebMatrix {Comments Off on Exit the WebMatrix}

by James C

Webmatrix is Microsoft’s latest web development application. The author, Martin Heller, gives an in-depth look at the good and bad of its features. Webmatrix is free development software for both experts and amateurs alike. Some of the positive to using Webmatrix is WEbDeploy, a feature that synchronizes data and files to your site barring support from your web hosting provider. Also, a compact edition of SQL Server is included that reduces the need for overhead during development. Lastly, a database editor is included for simple creation and management of schema’s, indexes and data. Simple enough to keep amateurs from having to learn SQL Server Management Studio. Of course, not every product can be all positive. The author clearly states his disregard for the web development software to experts, but does recommend it to novice for a startup program into web development. read more...

Call in the Apache’s! {Comments Off on Call in the Apache’s!}

by Andrew N

Call in the Apache’s!

Covalent Technologies, which is the seller of the open source Apache 2.0 server has finally become compatible with Microsoft’s popular .Net applications. Before Apache decided to collaborate with Microsoft, Microsoft only had IIS which is the built in web server for Microsoft applications. Since Apache will now work with Microsoft, developers will a wider range of technologies supported by Apache such as Java, Perl, or PHP. The new Apache will come with an Apache Portable Runtime which optimizes its performance for Windows technology. Although Microsoft has rejected the concept of open-source programs in the past they are learning to open up and work with it now. read more...

ASP.NET Patched Websites Being Attacked {Comments Off on ASP.NET Patched Websites Being Attacked}

by Maral M
Recently there has been a rise in the number of attacks to websites running with Microsoft’s ASP.NET. The websites that are being mostly attacked belong educational, small business and association entities. Websites that have the patches are more susceptible to the mischievous coding which redirects users to different websites which are under the name James Northone. The coding that is being weaved into the websites is being directed by SQL injection. SQL injection is a coding technique that take advantage of faulty security coding at the database layer. read more...

Potential Jobs for .Net Developers {2}

by Luis F
The article describes that companies are searching for more potential employees that have experience with Microsoft .Net.  Job postings have increased by 25% on year-over-year basis, according to tech job site   The searches are broken down as: 27% were for 0-3 years experience, 46% for 4-7 years experience, and 21% for 8-10 years experience with .Net.  Dice estimates that the reason for the shortage is that if developers specialize with one platform they won’t be able to branch out to other platforms, and potentially earn less money.  In the article they provide an example that Java developers typically earn more than $91,000 per year, while .Net developers earn around $83,000 per year.  Currently they’re reporting over 10,000 job postings for .Net developers, and if demand continues to increase, wages should adjust accordingly. read more...

Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman. {Comments Off on Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.}

by Andrew N


Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.

Microsoft has released a new version of its Visual Studio with some new tools involved. The company has released the version called Visual Studio LightSwitch which is suppose to be user friendly for business managers. The software is a stripped down version of the normal Visual Studios that will make it simple enough for a person to create an application with barely any knowledge of coding. Applications that are created using LightSwitch can be accessed either local machine or on Microsoft Azure which is the cloud computing service. So far, the beta version has only been released and there are no words about the final release. read more...

The Microsoft Approach {Comments Off on The Microsoft Approach}

by Andrew N

The Microsoft Approach

Microsoft has had two brief demonstrations on the new Windows 8 live tile touch-based platform and have gotten developers all rowdy. They have demonstrated the platform and how it is going to work but have not emphasized anything on the application development which has SilverLight and .NET developers worried. They have said to be moving towards the HTML 5 and Java script market and focusing more on that, but many developers are concerned about the previous concepts becoming ancient history. Some developers are taking this as terrible news and some are just confused because Microsoft has yet to announce or answer any questions concerning developers roles and structure to this new platform. All that they know for now is that HTML 5 and JavaScript are to play a bigger role in this new up and coming platform. Windows 8 is said to be released sometime in 2012, but there is no exact date on that yet. read more...

ASP .NET MVC For Education Take Student to The Next Level {Comments Off on ASP .NET MVC For Education Take Student to The Next Level}

by ChihWei H

ASP .NET MVC, a component of Microsoft ASP .NET platform, could be a very powerful tool. It provides separating view of HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are also built-in AJAX functionality and optional jQuery support. In addition, the Razor syntax in ASP .NET MVC 3 provides seamless transition of HTML and C# makeup. All these benefit can be taught at school and let students leans several perspective of web design at the same time. Student can start with static HTML and constructed the style with CSS. MVC 3  projects are pre-populate with CSS for students to manipulate and practice. read more...

Standardization of The World Wide Web: HTML 5 {Comments Off on Standardization of The World Wide Web: HTML 5}

by Andrew N

Standardization of The World Wide Web: HTML 5

The World Wide Web Consortium is in the development process of standardizing HTML 5 in all web browsers. This new and improved markup language is  to incorporate all the proprietary applications into a standard application needed to do certain things on the internet such as watch videos or load content.  Although, HTML 5 has been introduced and been into the works, it has yet to prove any type of standard. It will be at least a decade for W3C to consider the language. Companies such as Adobe and Microsoft have countered by saying “At the same time though, Web companies say their proprietary tech­nologies are already up and running, unlike HTML 5.” (IEEE, 2010) HTML stemmed from back in the mid- 1980s and was organized by the Internet Engineering Task Force, but was taken over by W3C due to their procrastination. W3C has ever since been trying to improve on the language. HTML is going to let developers incorporate contents such as video, graphics, and animation into the JavaScript. Also, the standardization of a video codec is trying to be put into place where any video can run off a standard codec that is already included in the language. read more...

A Costly Lesson for Sony {3}

by George A
The article in summation states that one of the hackers of the group LulzSec has been detained by authorities named. Cody Kretsinger. He is being detained due to his connection with the security breach on Sony Pictures Entertainment. LulzSec managed to obtain thousands of emails, phone numbers, passwords, birth dates, addresses and names. This information was later packaged into a single file and made available to the public. They attempted to protect themselves via proxy servers and by deleting their hard drives. The members used an attack called a “SQL Injection” which is a common way for hackers to obtain information. 23 year old Kretsinger is facing a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. read more...