An Education in Notation

by Brian B
The article I chose this week is entitled “Notation Usage in Data Modeling Education” by Michael Mannino. The article starts off by saying that there has never been a true standard of notation in the data modeling field. There have been attempts in the past, but none of them have ever gained wide usage throughout the industry.  He talks about the fact that there is a wide variety of notation styles which has been increased with the differences in textbooks and the CASE Tools used in the industry. The author believes that creating a standard now would be difficult because of the current “diversity” in modeling notation. The author says that students should be taught both ERD and UML, however they should be taught in separate classes. The article goes on to talk about ways to instruct students in subject matter such as design errors or advancing their knowledge in data modeling. He finishes the article off by saying that “These guidelines are just building blocks to develop data modeling skills. (Mannino, Spring 2006)” He then offers some ideas on how data modeling education can be advanced. One way he suggests is that students be given real world examples of data modeling to actually prepare them for what is in store for them in their field of work. read more...

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