Web Developers Thirsty for Mojito {Comments Off on Web Developers Thirsty for Mojito}

by Alexander H
Yahoo has recently released an open-source Web application framework called Mojito, which will tailor to developers and allow them to promptly write applications for all major device platforms. “While Web app frameworks are nothing new, Yahoo claims Mojito is different because it addresses the problem of delivering content to devices that have weak or intermittent connection…” (Scott).  Mojito will allow developers to create apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that can run on the client and on the server. An embedded JavaScript engine allows the app to run on both the server and the client. One of the benefits of the new open-source development application is the fact that it can switch between rendering on the client and on the server if bandwidth is limited, which will ultimately provide a better experience for the user. read more...

Yahoo Grabs A Drink {1}

by Ermie C
This article is about how Yahoo is creating an easier way to create applications for the mobile framework and the great thing about it is that it’s open source. It’s purpose is to make it a lot easier to create applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and personal computers. Yahoo is saying that it’s better because it solves the problem of sending and receiving data to and from devices. The name of this framework is called Mojito. This was created in November and is recently under the BSD license to become open source. Also, from recent applications, Mojito has been used mainly for creating apps for newspapers and magazines on the iPad and the app is called “Livestand”. This is actually part of the bigger project of Yahoo called “Cocktail”. This is because of the struggle that Yahoo has been having with the competition of Google. They want to create something that will maybe help boosts their “ratings” because they are rumored to be in a takeover. read more...