Mobile Blood-Glucose Monitoring Device for integrated HIMS {1}

by David A
The article is about a mobile blood-glucose monitoring system for Diabetics. Diabetes is a very common metabolic disease that is most effectively controlled by proper food and nutrition. With more advanced level of diabetes, around the clock monitoring is required to ensure safe glucose levels are maintained. The device is designed to work with a remote Server running SQL Server, which stores nutrition data, personal information, personal physiological parameters, and a database of diet plans. The article mentions the hardware architecture of the device and goes into some technical detail of the components. The user interface is designed to receive input of individual physiological data along with personal daily diets and syncs with the server frequently to maintain accuracy and reliability of the information. The software can also query the historical data, print reports and analyze existing charts using stored data from the user-end. read more...

Managing and monitoring server log data {1}

by Quoc L
As data center keeping on growing in this technology fill business world. The important of maintaining correct and consistent server log is even more important than ever. It can help IT administrators and engineers create a proactive environment that protects it from current and future problems.  Tips to maintaining a safe and clean server is provide by SearchDataCenter.
1.    Create an audit trail for forensics analysis.
2.    Manage and monitor intrusion. Incident containment.
3.    Proactively protect their environment.
4.    Real-time alert configurations.
5.    Manage active network logs and create a usage baseline.
6.    Create living log workbooks capable of change as IT demands evolve. read more...