Patches: >.< {1}

by Caezar M


In the classic story that we CANNOT do anything right the first time it was announced that a patch for ASP.NET actually doesn’t help security that much at all. Microsoft released a patch that was supposed to resolve security issues for  ASP.NET and right after a hacker published a vulnerability on how to create havoc within those servers causing massive Denial of Service (DoS). now when we normally think of DoS we think that someone using massive ammounts of infected computers to simultaniously request information from one source causing the server to crash. well….this is not as cool but infinitely more effective. so basically this patch allows for a HTTP request of ~100kb to consume 100% ….wait can i modify text in here?….. read more...

Windows 8 and .NET Developers {Comments Off on Windows 8 and .NET Developers}

by Calvin M
Windows 8 is coming out soon, so that means developers have been able to get a first look at the new Windows operating system, and other programs that are getting ready for developers to create new applications for users. This article has a small review of what Windows 8 has to offer, along with quotes of other developers who have reviewed this OS as well. Along with Windows 8, they are adding a new Visual Studio 2011 and .NET Framework 4.5 for developers. According to developer Michael Desmond, the .NET Framework 4.5 isn’t much different than the current version of the .NET Framework because Microsoft didn’t have much to change in the first place. The main focus of the new .NET Framework is to help developers create more mobile web friendly apps. Windows also created a new Windows RunTime language for developers to create more apps that will be Windows 8 friendly. Microsoft created this Windows RunTime language to develop more apps for the Metro UI that will be a part of Windows 8. The language is very similar to C++ and C#, so it won’t be hard for developers to create apps for it. read more...

Potential Jobs for .Net Developers {2}

by Luis F
The article describes that companies are searching for more potential employees that have experience with Microsoft .Net.  Job postings have increased by 25% on year-over-year basis, according to tech job site Dice.com.   The searches are broken down as: 27% were for 0-3 years experience, 46% for 4-7 years experience, and 21% for 8-10 years experience with .Net.  Dice estimates that the reason for the shortage is that if developers specialize with one platform they won’t be able to branch out to other platforms, and potentially earn less money.  In the article they provide an example that Java developers typically earn more than $91,000 per year, while .Net developers earn around $83,000 per year.  Currently they’re reporting over 10,000 job postings for .Net developers, and if demand continues to increase, wages should adjust accordingly. read more...

The Microsoft Approach {Comments Off on The Microsoft Approach}

by Andrew N

The Microsoft Approach

Microsoft has had two brief demonstrations on the new Windows 8 live tile touch-based platform and have gotten developers all rowdy. They have demonstrated the platform and how it is going to work but have not emphasized anything on the application development which has SilverLight and .NET developers worried. They have said to be moving towards the HTML 5 and Java script market and focusing more on that, but many developers are concerned about the previous concepts becoming ancient history. Some developers are taking this as terrible news and some are just confused because Microsoft has yet to announce or answer any questions concerning developers roles and structure to this new platform. All that they know for now is that HTML 5 and JavaScript are to play a bigger role in this new up and coming platform. Windows 8 is said to be released sometime in 2012, but there is no exact date on that yet. read more...